Saturday, 30 January 2010

You HAVE to try this!

Assuming you like banana's that is!

Get a banana, peel it, chuck it in a blender, add 3 tbsp of nut butter - I used two of cashew butter and one of hazelnut butter, blend. Then enjoy some banana nut butter! Thank you Chocolate Covered Katie!

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(Click for bigger pics)

Tastes great spread on an apple!

I got three portions out of this - generous portions! Nutrional info for one third:

Calories    129

Carbs         14g

Fat             7.6g

Protein       3g


  1. Ooh you're awesome :) :)

    Six extra entries for ya!

  2. hum :) looks really tasty.

    BTW, have you ever seen a banana tree's flower? I have a photo in my blog:

  3. haven't got around to making that yet but I'm sure it's amazing.....nut butter and banaananananas are a match made in heaven after all!

  4. stelladoesblogging30 January 2010 at 17:14

    No Katie, you're awesome! I have a whole list of your recipes I'm waiting to try out!

    I'll have a look at your banana trees thanks!

    Deisegirl I think I need to try an alomond butter and banana version - that is my favourite combination!

  5. Oh yum, I will definitely be trying that soon!

  6. Yummy! Looking forward to trying this one, thank you!


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