Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Maca and Hot Chip!

Whoohoo! I got me some maca! It's awesome! Love love love it!

My boyfriend took me to Edinburgh at the weekend - he got me tickets to see Hot Chip for Christmas and tickets for the zoo for my birthday. As if that wasn't exciting enough, I found a bit health food shop! Sadly I'm a little on the poor side this month (with being away every weekend!) so I couldn't indulge too much, but I did get some snack bars, dark chocolate spread, maca and mesquite. I'm now going to be constantly thinking of excuses as to why we need to drive 2.5hrs to Edinburgh every other week so I can go back for more. They have two stores and from the huge range they have on their site I'm guessing we ended up in the smaller store - good reason to go back and check out the other one I think ;)

Anyway, back to the maca! I have only tried it with cinnamon on almond butter on and apple and on a banana, the apple was yesterday and I didn't have my phone at work so no picture of that, but I did snap the banana - after scoffing part of it! Much better on the crisp apple but still delicious on the banana. It smells amazing too. The Fitnessista said it tasted matly and I definitely agree, little bit like Horlicks. Planning on adding this to smoothies and oats, and loads of other things!

If you are looking for something new - make it maca!

Hot Chip were fantastic, another one of my top gigs! They played a great show and I'm not very good at reviewing music so I'll just leave you with - awesome! and those boys have got some moves! Apparently they are "electro-pop". Go check them out - Hot Chip and have a look at their videos too

Ready for the Floor

One Pure Thought

Over and Over

One Life Stand

My favourites!


  1. Was it real foods you were in ? I added groundnut tonight by the way and its far too flaming nice! I whizzed it again and its lovely and glossy. Am guessing it will seperate again and need stirring like shop bought? AM off to google maca! x

  2. stelladoesblogging16 February 2010 at 22:19

    Yes it was! Amazing shop!
    OK I'm definitely adding the groundnut!

    I saw your post about malt extract and thought you may like maca - 100g tubs in Real Foods were only a couple of quid if you to decide to try it.

  3. I'm with you on the maca so good! x x


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