Friday, 19 March 2010


Yay! I completed 5k on the treadmill this morning! It's the second time I have managed the full distance so I'm pretty pleased with myself! I did it by running for 2 minutes at 6mph then walking for 1 minute at 4mph - I have never managed to run for as long so many times so I am defintely making progress! I did cheat a little and 3 of my runs were 1 minute 30 seconds at 6.5mph - I just couldn't help myself putting the speed up a little!

Yesterday was a good food day the evening, not so much! It wasn't outrageous or anything but I did have that whole bottle of preach bellini, 2 cookies, some (*cough*) crisps and.... oh that was it!

Breakfast: Oats with vanilla rice milk and maple spiced pecan butter - this is a Nigella Lawson Christmas recipe, you heat maple syrup in a pan, add cayenne pepper and when it starts to boil stir in some pecan nuts. Take off the heat and spread the nuts out over some foil and leave to cool. The are so tasty and ridiculously moreish! So I blended them up into nut butter instead and it's even more amazing!

Lunch: Sandwich with proper ham, lettuce, spring onion and Nando's Lime & Corriander marrinade and a Pineapple & Coconut Pack Tunch bar

Snack: Starbucks grande skinny latte with an extra espresso shot and some sugar free hazelnut syrup - I'm addicted! I then went home and ate 4 fudge babies, a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and a spoonful of dark chocolate spread with coconut butter - I just could not stop myself, must learn self control! I blame being a woman (TOTM!)

Dinner: One of my all time favourites! Salmon on Thai Broth! I think I've posted the recipe before but here it is again:

  • 1 Pint Kallo Vegetable Stock

  • 2 Tsps Ground Ginger

  • 5 Medium Spring Onions

  • 1 Small Chilli Pepper

  • 175g Mange Tout

  • 10g Thai Spice Blend

  • 2 Portions/300g Salmon Fillet

  • 10g  Lemon Grass/Coconut/Ginger puree, Sharwood's

Make up the veg stock, add in all the spices, everything except the salmon, spring onion and mange tout.

Mix it all together and pour into a wok, add the veggies and bring to the boil

Add in the two salmon fillets and reduce the heat, simmer until salmon is cooked

It looks a bit like this:

Snack: cookies, crisps and peach bellini!

I'm not posting my calories for the day as I have estimated a lot of the snacking so it wont be accurate, but suffice to say it's waaaaaay over my maintenance calories!

Today, so far, looks like:

When I got up a had a big mug of tea to help bring me round

I've taken a tip from HEAB and been trying full fat proper dairy products to see if they agree with me more - kind of hard to tell though when I'm in a phase of drinking skinny latte's daily! But, I do love the taste of tea and coffee with a little fat milk in it, and it hardly makes a difference to calories anyway. Doubt I'd be able to take fat milk in cereal though, far too creamy...though I bet it's good for an indulgent bowl of porridge...

Also taking a tip from HEAB, I heated up some vanilla rice milk and added a peppermint tea bag - amazing! Tastes so naughty and indulgent, far better than an option mint hot chocolate anyway! Must try it with almond milk, cacao and maple syrup sometime!

Breakfast was a Green Monster before heading out to the gym for my run - 300ml vanilla rice milk, some spinach, a medium banana and 1/2tsp spirulina

After my run I inhaled half a Lemon & Lime Pack Tunch bar - yum!

And had a Maxitone chocolate Sculptress shake before hitting the shower

Now I'm chilling on the sofa watching Sex & the City with a cat curled up at my feet keeping me nice and warm! I'll be back soon for a delicious giveaway!


  1. Congrats on your run. So fun to see improvements, and it's amazing what the body is capable of if you train it properly.

    I am so LOVING peppermint tea made with almond or coconut milk. Delicious, and so happy to hear you tried it. Also loving my full fat dairy products. Yum. :)

  2. I saw the peppermint tea with almond milk recommendation but I don't know if I would enjoy it!

    I might give it a try.

    Well done on your 5k mate, really proud of you!


  3. StellaDoesHealthyEating19 March 2010 at 18:41

    Thanks Jo! I twas hard and I almost gave up, but couldn't bring myself to quit! :d

    It's worth a shot... but I do love peppermint tea normally and when I was younger I used to get a Starbucks steamed milk with peppermint syrup so was pretty sure I'd like it!

  4. StellaDoesHealthyEating19 March 2010 at 18:44

    Hi Heather, thank you! It is amazing, I did find myself at a couple of points thinking, 'wow this is pretty cool actually'

    It's amazing the difference that drop of full fat milk makes in a coffee, seems so luxirious! And I'm loving real butter :D

    Deffinitely need to try the almond milk/maple syrup version though!

  5. Meant to say, I am definitely with you on the whole fat dairy! I gave up fat free dairy quite some time ago and only eat full fat Greek yoghurt and full fat cheese and real butter now. The only low fat dairy I do have is skimmed milk and that is only because at home, the only thing I use milk for is to make porridge and I prefer my fat content to come from the Greek yoghurt and nuts I add to it after cooking.

    However, even if I'm out and about and have a coffee, I don't bother with skinny lattes anymore, I just have the real deal :D


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