Friday, 26 March 2010


Well I think I'll be starting over again, again! Why is so hard to stick with it more than a few days? It's pretty annoying now, I want to be eating healthy, I don't want to eat junk, I don't want to be all squidgy, but I can't stay away from crappy foods!

Food has just been OK this week, I've been doing well some of the time and then ending up going over calories. Tuesday  it was down to a 3 hour meeting over lunchtime where they provided sandwiches, fruit and cheeses. I stayed away from the cheese and had the equivelant to a 2 slices of bread sized sandwich (chicken mayo, egg mayo, tikka chicken and salad and cheese and pickle quarters) and then I had a plateful of fruit (watermelon, plum, pineapple and grapes). Because I knew lunch would be a bit awkward I had planned to just have fruit for breakfast but ended up just having a small latte. After Lunch I had a Starbucks skinny latte with sugar free syrup. Dinner I had a sandwich - I'm a bread addict! Hummus and chicken breast with fajita seasoning, with butter. It then got worse as I went to the cinema and had a tube of smarties, pack of Snack a Jacks and box of fruit. Thanks to the empty calories I was hungry when I got home so had a bowl of Maple Pecan Spice cereal with chocolate oat milk. Also going to the cinema meant I skipped the spin class!

Wednesday...almost a good day! I started out with oats with vanilla rice milk and spiced maple pecan nut butter, banana and satsuma before a 20 min run at lunchtime, followed by a Maxitone Sculptress shake and tuna salad. I had 2 coconut fudge babies when I got home whilst making dinner - which was chicken chow mein and was absolutely beautifuk! I love this dish - so simple and only 400 calories! But, I was hungry later on and got tempted by more Maple Pecan Spice cereal with chocolate oat milk (amazing combination of flavours!) and a large glass of  sparkling elderflower presse.

Thursday, I was in a bit of a rush so grabbed a raw organic food bar (cinnamon and raisin) for breakfast along with a milky coffee. Satsuma mid-morning and lunch was another work freebie, I went for the healthier option of (4!) prawns (in a mayonaise-y sauce which I didn't like), and salmon fillet with champagne and chive sauce (creamy) a couple of chips, few forkfuls of mustard mash and some cabbage, peppers and mushrooms. Annoyingly I didn't want chips at all but she piled someone my plate before I could stop her and once they were in front of me I couldn't resist!

This is where it all goes horribly wrong! We went to the cinema (something about gonig to the cinema really mucks me up) I had a 2 finger Drifter bar which I'd been craving all day, salt & vinegar Kettle chips and a two pack of little (hoesnlty they weren't *that* big!) caramel filled chocolate bunnies.

I then went went home and had dinner! We got a hot roast chicken from the supermarket, they were reduced and had clearly been cooking for far too long and there wasn't much moisture left in it, but of the good stuff that was left I probably got the equivelant to a large chicken breast (skin on!) and I had it with what felt like half a loaf of bread!

Was damn tasty though!

In my defence, if we hadn't gone to the cinema I would have not had chocolate and crisps and dinner would have been chicken jambalaya, probably followed by more of that cereal! Nowhere near as bad.

I definitely need to stop snacking in the cinema. We have unlimited passes so go fairly often, would like to make snacking at the movies a treat rather than an everyday thing since we are there so much, maybe I can let myself have a once monthly treat and see how that goes, and for other visits I'll take fruit - for now anyway while I wean myself off!

Today I have had a box of blackberries and a coconut fudge baby for breakfast and French onion soup with a wholewheat seeded roll and a few croutons for lunch. I'll have an apple and a satsuma this afternoon, then chicken jambalaya for dinner. This will take me to 1118 calories for the day. I'm heading out this evening so will be adding a couple of drinks to that, literally a couple as neither of us have much cash left!

Fingers crossed for a good weekend! :D


  1. I think the hardest thing to change is the association of eating with a specific activity that you enjoy and don't want to give up. Taking snacks along sound like a good, realistic plan to minimise the effect though! Could you replace the crisps / snack a jacks with air popped popcorn to give you some guilt-free crunch? Or might that be too hard to smuggle in...

  2. I wish I had the answer! Its the weekends that get me. Im gonna have to try and earn some calories tomorrow morning.

  3. I've been finding it tricky, I'm making fairly healthy choices but eating too much. I don't usually count calories but once in a while I sit at the end of the day and total them up and today I ate just over 2000. With no exercise! I'm a bread addict too!

  4. If you do go to the cinema often you probably would want to hvae a "strategy" in place. If I was left to my own devices I'd just hoover up the giant bags of maltesers or even worse a big bag of pick n' mix. All washed down with 5litres of DIET coke of course cuz I'm just sooo healthy me..

    If you're going out for work and are faced with the Chips of Temptation (I have no willpower when they are in front of me either) you could eat a few then maybe sneakily keep adding loads of salt to them so the rest of them become inedible! I have done that in the past with food I know I'll just keep eating and eating and eating...not ideal, but sometimes you just have to do something!!

  5. I struggle with the flicks too. What is it about sitting on our arses and shovelling crap into our gobs?

    I find packing healthy snacks the best thing for avoiding the pic n mix, popcorn and coke.

    I take a BIG bottle of water, dried fruit & nuts, nakd/trek bar and sometimes a babybel or 2.

    I've not yet been able to break the link between cinema and food, so I feel going prepared is better than nothing.

  6. StellaDoesHealthyEating29 March 2010 at 22:25

    It is a really hard habit to break Chrissie - I've mostly managed to break the habit of snacking on crisps, sweets and chocolate when watching movies at home so I should be able to break the cinema habit too!

    I have thought about my own popcorn, I have a bag of kernels for popping in the cupboard, unopened thought so I must try to remember!

  7. StellaDoesHealthyEating29 March 2010 at 22:30

    Yeah,pretty much every weekend since September has got me!

    I've just done a big Oh.My.God gasp at your thong incident on your blog and scared the cat!

  8. StellaDoesHealthyEating29 March 2010 at 22:31

    It's great that you are managing to keep to healthy choices - better to eat more of the good stuff than less of the bad stuff I think. (within reason!)

  9. StellaDoesHealthyEating29 March 2010 at 22:58

    I like your salt idea, I will use ir in future situations like that! Nothing worse than half a pack of salt on one chip!
    I am getting better at being a bit more firm with what I do and don't want on my plate when eating out - but free three course meal for everyone in the building that day made it difficult to be picky!

    I really need to get a new strategy though.


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