Sunday, 7 March 2010

It Starts Here!

I've had enough of my crappy diet and lack of exercise. I posted last week about all the negative effects it's having on me but I've still only made a rather half-hearted attempt to sort it out. I had a couple of really positive days, the sun was out for the first time since I can remember and it just made me feel so good! But when the sun went away and everything went back to grey I lost the little spark of motivation. But it's back! And it's not just a little spark anymore, I really want to stop slacking now. I've had a great day so far. I started off with some Orange and Cinnamon Oatmeal which was beautiful! Made even better by topping with dark chocolate spread! I decided not to go with the Dark Chocolate Dreams just yet, I'm saving that for tomorrow!

After breakfast my boyfriend appeared dressed in his running gear and reminded me that I had suggested we drive down to the beach and go for a wee run along the Esplanade so I threw my clothes on (I got myself some proper running kit for the 5k in April - long sleeved top and some small running shorts, currently being worn over leggings! Both black Adidas with pink stripes :D ) I also got my Nike Plus on so I could see what sort of speeds I was doing but my ipod battery ran out part way through. I do know that we did 3.2k in 27 minutes, as usual this was alternating between running and walking. I just went with how I felt rather than timing it though as I can't cope with looking at the watch on my wrist, running and breathing at the same time! I definitely need to work on my speed - not going faster though, I need to slow. down. My boyfriend had to keep grabbing hold of my arm and pulling me back every time I got carried away and I noticed a huge difference in how long I could run for just by slowing down a little. Once I can run for a decent amount of time without stopping to walk I'll work on speed.

To help with my "It Starts Here" I ordered some Maxitone products. I've never used them before but a brochure popped through my door with some good offers and motivational pictures/stories from the Maxitone Body of 2009 winners and runners up. Tara from Tara's Health, Fitness & Nutrition blog was one of the runners up - I think the fact that I feel as though I kind of 'know' her from the Weightloss Resources forums and from reading her blog helped give me that little bit more of a push - it made it seem more real and achievable. Tara has worked really hard over the last year and achieved truly fantastic results, I know I am capable of doing it too! Part of me is even tempted to work towards the Body of 2010 as a goal to keep me motivated...

Anyway, I ordered a Sculptress pack from Maxitone, Sculptress shake, capsules and shaker. According to the blurb on the site:
Sculptress shakes are an unique low-GI high protein shake, designed for weight conscious women looking for high quality nutrition to support their weight loss goals. They are designed to be used as part of a healthy balanced diet. Each serving has 32g of protein enriched with the finest whey to support your daily requirements. Sculptress shakes contain ingredients such as CLA, green tea and caffeine that provide metabolic support. It’s an ideal formula to add to your weight loss regime and help you get back into the dress size you deserve.

Sculptress capsules’ ingredients have been proven in research to help you burn and mobilise fat and could increase fat loss when taken with an effective exercise programme and diet. If you’re exercising regularly and hard, Sculptress capsules could help you to reach your weight management goals faster than exercise alone.

We shall see what happens then! I don't really go for the whole "diet pill" thing but it was a good offer and I thought why not give it a try. The ingredients list contains some good vitamins and other ingredients I've read good things about, rather then your typical diet pill from Boots. They have made me feel rather hyper today - that'll bee the caffeine and green tea extract, green tea normally has quite an effect on me!

I got the shakes in chocolate flavour and they are yummy, should help fight the chocolate cravings.

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I know I said I was going to use the Sun Warrior protein powder but there aren't too many UK stockists and it's really rather expensive! I have found some elsewhere though so when I'm done with the Maxitone I'm going to try that, it's much cheaper than both Sun Warrior and Maxitone, but since it's brown rice and pea protein I'm pretty sure it wont be as tasty!

So, after my run I had the Maxitone shake

Then for lunch I fried some bacon in coconut oil and had in a sandwich with wholemeal bread and real butter - it was fantastic! I cooked my bacon for ages to make sure it was super crisp! And as a cheeky little reward for running I had a Creme Egg!

Afternoon snack was another shake and I'm just about to chop and roast some kabocha for dinner, not sure what to have with it yet but I still have another 500 calories to eat!


  1. Let me know how you get on with the maxitone stuff. I've always been extremely satisfied with MP which is why I've never tried it - how does it compare taste wise?

    I have to admit, the shaker is tres cute :D

  2. StellaDoesHealthyEating7 March 2010 at 21:12

    It tastes good, I had my first shake with one scoop and two scoops worth of water (I didn't read it properly!) and thought it was going to be very disappointing, but when I did it properly it was lovely!
    I'm so annoyed at myself that I care about the cute little purple shaker, but I do!

  3. I've used the maxitone sculptress before, its really good, I certainly had some good results with it. I'm going to use it again when I want to slim down more, probably the two weeks before my holidays! I love the cute little shaker you get with it to!

  4. StellaDoesHealthyEating8 March 2010 at 21:25

    Thanks Angel, it's really good to know you have had success with Sculptress! The shaker is super cute! I love it!


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