Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Run Fat Girl Run

Sorry I've been slacking with the posts lately, I just haven't had a minute to spare this last month! March is looking far more relaxed though. I have nothing planned for this weekend so will be catching up on sleep, Flickr and blog posting/reading. I have loads I've been wanting to post about but just haven't found the time so I may do a few short posts or one big catch up post. I have loads of food pictures I want to share!

I can't remember if I said on here or not, but I have entered a 5k run which is taking place at the end of April. Now 5k might not sound like much, but I'm really not a runner! I was doing pretty well with it last summer when the personal trainer got me on the treadmill and dragged me out for a couple of runs in the sun. I did keep it up a little bit for a while but gradually lost interest. I have a vague idea of wanting to enter the half marathon in Glasgow in September so figured the 5k would be a sensible idea! I have only had two proper runs since enterting, the first 5k and the second 4k. I covered 5k in 40 minutes with a combination of running and walking, roughly a minute of each, 3.5mph for walking and between6-7.5mph for running. I did similar with the 4k. I had wanted to practice the distance but until I get faster I think I might shorten it a bit, 40 mins seems like such a long time!
I have rather an ambitious idea which I hope I can stick to, 2-3 times each week I'd like to bring my running gear to work and go for at 20 min run at lunch time. Gets me out in the fresh(ish) air and gives me more free time in the evenings and makes it easier to fit in running AND weight training. I aim to start on Monday!

Any running/training tips will be very much appreciated!


  1. Crappy, when we ran together in Manchester, I actually thought you looked like a very natural runner - I recall saying how heavy and clumpy I felt next to you.

    The one thing that could be hampering your progress is that you run too fast. Try slowing *right* down - so slow, you could probably walk faster. I know you might feel like a tit but speed is something you can work on later.

    You will find as you focus on running slower, you will be able to run further.

    I can run for about 5 miles without stopping but when I ran with you, I was knackered after the first 10 minutes lol!

    Good idea taking your kit to work with you, I look forward to following your progress :-)

  2. I'm in a similar boat, I'm certainly not a runner but I've recently taken it up and love it! I'm aiming for a 5k in July which should give me more than enough time to improve. I just don't know when to fit it all in between gym workouts, strenght training, yoga etc!

    Have been enjoying your blog by the way!

    Check out my blog -

  3. stelladoesblogging3 March 2010 at 18:13

    Thanks Jo - that's why I've been using the treadmill, well that and the fact it's been too icy outdoors! I need the treadmill to control my speed and stop me burning out too soon.

  4. I am about to embark on Couch25k soon... I'm not a runner at all... I stick to gyms and walking... but the walking is taking me so much time! I dont think I will be entering any 5k's this year, but watch this space! Good luck in your endeavours.. the above comment seems sensible... build distance, and then build speed ;) x

  5. hey hey hey,

    its dope540 from the myprotein forums. found your blog from there and noticed you frequent jag's blog as well.

    two very good blogs me thinks.

    no idea how to put the following without sounding like a perve but looking good missy.

  6. I bet you'll get hooked on the running bug, once a runner always a runner! x x

  7. I kid you not I googled the other day "I hate running what am I missing ?" lol

  8. stelladoesblogging4 March 2010 at 14:46

    Thank you Sam! Good luck with your couch to 5k! I remember when I started I did something similar and literally couldn't make it down the street, I tried it three times in the first week and noticed a huge difference when I started week 2.

  9. stelladoesblogging4 March 2010 at 15:33

    Hello dope! And thank you!

  10. stelladoesblogging4 March 2010 at 15:34

    lol! I've felt that way for years, and actually still feel that way before running, but once I'm doing it I find myself thinking how much I love ti and wondering why I don't do it more!

  11. stelladoesblogging4 March 2010 at 15:34

    I really, really hope I do!


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