Sunday, 14 March 2010

Weekend Catch Up

Sorry I've been meaning to post all weekend, but I've been enjoying sleeping too much!

It's been a good weekend, but not really in terms of food! I've stuck to my WLR calorie allowance for a 0.5lb loss over the week, but actually had a small gain this morning - just shows that sometimes it's not enough just to eat the right amount of what - the type of food matters too! It's generally not been bad though... oh and I forgot to add my WLR nutrition stats from Thursday like I said I would! Must try harder to blog this week!


Breakfast: Chocolate Maxitone Sculptress shake blended with water and a banana and a berocca. I had my shake in two parts so didn't have a snack before running

Lunch: Tuna and red onion sandwich with wholemeal bread

Snack: about a teaspoon of Artisana Coconut Butter and half a Pack Tunch Apple Cinnamon bar

Dinner: Was a meal out at a steak and lobster restaurant, paid for by work so I made sure to make the most of it! I had a little seeded wholemeal roll with butter, starter was scallops in a creamy cheesy sauce, main course I had 60z fillet steak and a half lobster, with extra veggies instead of potatoes (and I even managed to refrain from eating anyone else's chips!) Desert was a sorbet things...tasted like a Solero ice cream, which was nice. I finished off with a Baileys coffee which was served with a cube of the best Scottish Tablet I've tasted in a long time! To drink I had 1 small white wine, 1 large white wine and one small prosecco. The meal was beautiful but I had to go straight home and sprawl out on the sofa, fell fast asleep after a few minutes! It was a mix of tiredness and having eaten so much!

No photo's as the people I work with would find it odd if I whipped out the big DSLR and started snapping away at the food!

Drinks: The usual, coconut coffee, tea, water...

Exercise: 24 minute run, 3.4km


Breakfast: Mug of tea was all I could manage first thing, but I thought I shouild get a good start with some proper breakfast a few hours later (I was up at 7am though, damn cat!)

I then made a smoothie in a bowl - Maxitone Sculptress chocolate protein powder with a banana, some cinnamon, semi skimmed milk and a spoon of Artisana Coconut butter - beautiful! Needed more coconut and cinnamon though! I was still so full from the night before that I actually only managed about 1/4 of it!

Looks a bit grey in the picture but was actually o lovely rich chocolately colour!

I also blended in a 1/4 tsp of this to make it nice and thick:

Snack: the other half of the apple cinnamon Pack Tunch bar and some Snack a Jacks

Lunch: We were out a lot longer than expected so ended up having lunch out. I had a panini with brie, bacon and walnuts and a chocolate/coconut/caramel/biscuit cakey thing, ate half with lunch and I ate the bananas from my boyfriends cake too!

Dinner: Pizza - cheese and tomato, and the other half of my cake thing

Drinks: tea, coffee, water and Fruitiser Manog and some other fruits.

Exercise: Haha, yeah right, like that was going to happen on Saturday! After dinner I watch I don't know how many episodes of Damages series 2 back to back and fell asleep on the sofa (again!) while my boyfriend got paid to spend the night enjoying the Editors.


Breakfast: Double espresso latte with coconut syrup

Followed by the rest of Saturdays breakfast, struggled again as I was still full from Saturday!

Lunch: Egg and ham roll, small fruit salad, salt and pepper crisps

Snack: Prawns with spicy salsa dip and a handful of maple crunch cereal - I was going for a full bowl but we were out of milk :(

Dinner: Chicken curry with plain naan bread, cooked at home but the sauce was in a jar! Very nice though!

Drinks: Pomegranate Fruitiser, tea, coffee, water

Exercise: I walked into town and back, maybe 40 mins each way?

This weekends poor food choices have mostly been a result of tiredness and hunger due to not planning! I did also take my measurements this morning and it seems the 0.5lb I put on had all gone on to my left arm! I have a little off every other body part, but my arm is 0.5" bigger!? I'll see what happens next week! I'm really not fussed about the small gain on the scales, I know I over did things, and I look better and feel better after this week so I know things are going in the right direction!

This week, I'm going to try be more prepared, run Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes and go to spin class Tuesday after work. I'm going to leave it a bit longer before adding weight training back in.

You may have noticed I've been eating Artisana Coconut butter! I ordered a small box of goodies a while ago and it finally arrived! Here is what was in there:

I did attempt to jump on the blog world bandwagon of making my own coconut butter, but after many, many hours of this

I decided that, actually, Artisana is totally worth the money!

I'll try post tomorrow about some of my goodies! And I want to do a running update sometime soon too.

I'm just going to finish of this delicious organic Pomegranate & Apple juice then I'm heading off to bed for an early night!


  1. Hi Stella! I was wondering where you ordered your Artisana from? I've been looking for a UK-based company but thinking I may need to look further afield! Many thanks and lovin' the blog :)

  2. StellaDoesHealthyEating24 March 2010 at 17:51

    Hi Shauna, I ordered mine from Red 23

    It's quite expensive, but it's a big jar and I think it should last quite a while! Postage is under £5 from these guys, and they have loads of other nice stuff too :)

    Wow, going to have to go have a good read of your blog!


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