Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Weekend

Apparently it's Easter weekend! I managed to totally miss that and only by co-incidence I had booked the time off! I have all of next week off as I have to start studying for my accountancy exam (ACCA) in June so my boyfriend and I decided it would be nice to get away this weekend. We're off to a little place called Newtonmore near Aviemore and have a lovely looking B&B booked for the night and dinner booked at this restaurant - Blasta - Blasta is Gaelic for tasty or delicious, lets hope so!

After I have posted this I'm going to shower, pack and then we're leaving for the 3 hours drive, should be there for lunch though the roads look pretty bad.

I've been pretty good with my calories this week and have enough for tonights dinner and a few glasses of prosecco if I set my weekly loss rate to 0.5lb - even with last nights pizza! Just have to try an behave with breakfast and lunch - but I am on holiday!


Breakfast: Maxitone chocolate Sculptress shake and a Starbucks tripple shot grande latte with sugar free syrup

Snack: a banana and a pack of Nakd cherry infused raisins - I love these! So sweet and juicy, potential cinema snack savior I think!

Lunch: Last of the New Covent Garden smoked haddock soup

Snack: when I got home I was starving so had  large teaspoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams

Cinema: I armed myself with a Nakd Pecan Pie bar and a pack of Tropical Bear granola

And I did have an Orange Fanta Zero as I'd forgotten to take water and find it easier paying cinema prices for juice than for water! The granola was lovely! Really light and crunchy, maybe a bit too crunchy for the cinema - I was very aware of all the noise I was making! Pecan Pie Naked bar was gorgeous too - tastes like actual pie filling! Very successful cinema snacking for a change!

Dinner: Since we got home late I wasn't in the mood for a proper dinner so had two slices of seeds ann oats bread toasted with a little butter and some Marmite followed by a Cadbury Mini Egg chocolate nest cake

Calorie Summary
Daily Cal Quota:1392
+ Exercise Cals:0
Total Cal Quota:1392
Calories Consumed:1433
Calories Left:-41
Cals to Maintain Weight:1892

Nutrition Summary
Calories (kcal)1433
Protein (g)59.4
Carbohydrate (g)181.7
Fat (g)56.4
Fibre (g)20.4
Fruit & Veg3.0


Breakfast: Same Starbucks as Wednesday but with full fat almond syrup

Snack: Satsuma

Lunch: Cinnamon orange oatmeal cooked in chocolate oat milk - wow! So tasty! I definitely fine the oatmeal a bit odd though, it's like the risotto version of regular porridge, still has quite a bit of bite to it.

Snack: pink lady apple and small machine latte

Dinner: pizza with chicken and lots of Nando's sauce and some garlic bread and mini poppadoms - I was so stuffed after all of this!

Calorie Summary
Daily Cal Quota:1392
+ Exercise Cals:0
Total Cal Quota:1392
Calories Consumed:1541
Calories Left:-149
Cals to Maintain Weight:1892

Nutrition Summary
Calories (kcal)1541
Protein (g)65.9
Carbohydrate (g)227.1
Fat (g)41.4
Fibre (g)15.7
Fruit & Veg2.8

I have decided what I want for dinner and put that into my food diary - only estimates but I've added a bit to my guesses to be safe! Overall for the week I should come in with enough calories for a 0.5lb loss, but I might not see it right away since tonight will be a big meal with a few drinks!

Today I started with a chocolate almond peppermint latte! Chocolate oat milk, Almond rice milk and 2 peppermint tea bags! Perfect start to the day!

Have a good Easter weekend guys!


  1. Have a great weekend Crapster! I saw oat milk in Tesco yesterday, what's it like? xx

  2. Have a great weekend. That dark chocoate dreams looks heavenly! Where do you live?

  3. StellaDoesHealthyEating4 April 2010 at 21:31

    Thanks Jill! The oat milk is really nice, I've only tried the chocolate though, it's like a nice milkshake as it's quite thick and indulgent tasting, goes well with porridge and cereal and is really nice hot too!

  4. StellaDoesHealthyEating4 April 2010 at 21:33

    Thank you! It is indeed heavenly, think I'm going to go grab a spoonful now actually!
    I'm in Aberdeen, where are you?

  5. I'm West Coast, Kintyre? It's nice to find another Scottish blogger :)

  6. StellaDoesHealthyEating6 April 2010 at 22:34

    Ah, I'm a West Coast girl too! From north Ayrshire really, love the West Coast!


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