Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Food in Pictures

Because I'm too lazy and tired for a proper post! :D

I managed my two weeks with no wheat, sugar or dairy and I lost 4.5lb - my calorie allowance for those two weeks was set for me to lose 1lb per week and over the two weeks I ate more than that - but it was all good healthy food! Just shows me how important it is to eat real food! As I keep saying I wasn't cutting out these things because I think wheat is evil or in a fad diet sort of way - I just needed some rules to give me some focus again, and it worked! I decided that on Sunday after two full weeks I would just go for a day of whatever I fancied! I finally ate some of the little chocolate eggs my mum sent me at easter - they were so worth the wait! I appreciated the chocolate so much more. I had fish and chips for lunch - shared a portion with my boyfriend and to be honest.... it wasn't that great. I still ate more than I needed to as it seemed a waste not to and, well, I'm a bit greedy! They were just really bland. I'd rather have pan fried salmon with asparagus and sweet potato wedges. I was going to have homemade pizza for dinner but was too full from lunch so had some bread with butter, jam and Marmite (separate slices, not all on one!)

I was supposed to get back to no wheat and no sugar but we had the pizza stuff to use up and nothing else for dinner. I use a wholemeal pitta cut in half, spread with tomato puree and herbs and topped with chorizo and goats cheese. I also wrapped a few chunks of goats cheese in parma ham and heated in a pan with a little oil - I bloody love goats cheese!

So, this week I'm sticking with the avoiding junk foods and processed foods and I'm staying clear of sugar and wheat to keep that bit of structure to help me lose the weight and to give me a real reason to avoid a lot of junk foods - I'm very much loving having dairy back in my life! I had greek yogurt with berries and flaxseed for my afternoon snack today which was so very tasty and satisfying!

I can't really be bothered catching up on all the food I missed out on posting, but it's all been good (bit too much of it though!) here are some highlights:

Chicken cooked with lemon juice and parma ham and a lemony sauce -

Wine, obviously!

Prawn Jambalaya - thanks for the recipe Jill!

Juice - apples, orange, lemon, ginger, carrot and super-berry powder -

Fudge Babies! Like these ones here, but with dates, walnuts, cinnamon, maca and cocoa

Breakfast smoothie - oats, banana, homemade almond milk, coconut butter, cinnamon and maple syrup - heaven! Should have added more maple syrup though!

Almond milk, see here for how to make! Well worth a try, it's easy and doesn't take long, most of the preparation time is leaving it alone and waiting. It's got a lovely creamy taste and goes great in cereal or porridge!

Green Monster - I think it's just spinach, banana, coconut butter, rice milk and banana Sculptress protein powder - I had this before my best run ever! I finally made it past 5 minutes of running! I ran for 15 minutes!! And covered 2.5k! I had to walk for 2 minutes but managed to do another 10 minutes of running after - then had another walking break and final short run to finish the 5k distance - I was feel fantastic afterwards and really feeling like I could just manage to run the full 5k on Saturday! Unfortunately tonight's run wasn't quite so good - I struggled to run longer than 2 minutes at the same pace I ran on Friday :( I only last 20 minutes total alternating between walking and running. Bit disappointing, I did think I wouldn't do as well as Friday, but I didn't think my progress would appear to leap so far backwards! I'll try again on Thursday.

Tonight's dinner was a health and homemade prawn balti -

Oh an before I forget - hello to any new readers! I hope you enjoy my blog and stick around! Don't be shy to leave comments either - it's always good to know people are out there :D


  1. I love the photos you take, everything looks so pretty, and I now have a serious case of the 'want' for that pink wine glass! x

  2. I seriously need some jazzy straws, you're making my plain old clear ones look rather sad.

    I have never tried anything but cows milk. I am due a dairy-free adventure.

  3. Crappy, isn't the jambalaya much nicer with prawns? I love your bottle for your almond milk, where did you get it?

    I also love that Jeff is peeking at your wine :D I *heart* the pink wine glass!

  4. StellaDoesHealthyEating21 April 2010 at 11:14

    Nah, I prefer chicken actually! I like it shredded, I just didn't have any chicken defrosted and was too lazy to make Pad Thai (which only takes like 5 mins more effort!)

    Milk bottle is from my Lakeland spree!

    Jeff just has to get his nose in everywhere! He was growling at my prawns too!

  5. StellaDoesHealthyEating21 April 2010 at 11:17

    They really do make a smoothie taste better! :D TK Maxx, it's a dnagerous shop for me to be in, I just can't resist pretty things I don't need!

    You should definitely go on a dairy-free adventure - there's so much non-dairy good stuff out there! I don't think I could live without dairy permanently but I'll always have me alternative milks!

    Nice blog by the way, I'm liking the sound of cold noodles for lunch!

  6. StellaDoesHealthyEating21 April 2010 at 11:33

    Thank you Angel - it's something I should make more effort with, I'm getting lazy and just doing quick snaps far too often (usually because I'm hungry though!)

    Day-glo crystal wine glasses, champagne flutes and tumblers - TK Maxx! My set also has purple, red and orange, I love them!

  7. I have chicken like that but I cut a horizontal slit in the chicken breast and stuff some LF philadelphia cheese in there (before wrapping it in parma ham) - this might work well with your beloved goats' cheese!

  8. StellaDoesHealthyEating21 April 2010 at 12:47

    Oh yes, next time I'm defintely putting goats cheese in! What a great idea! I had thought about cream fcheese but somehow never made that leap to goats cheese. Thank you for the suggestion!

  9. I can see a milk challenge approaching.

    DO NOT put as much chilli in those noodles as I did, I've never drank so much water after lunch in my life!

  10. Hey read your article in company, thought it was brilliant, then read your blog and thats even more BRILLIANT!:) your insperational and a good role model to us all..keep up the good work

    also is there anyway how you could sent me some of your fave food recipies..not alot..its just im a 1st year student and i really want to learn how to make some 'good' food lol and become a better cook than my boyfriend! ha

  11. StellaDoesHealthyEating22 April 2010 at 08:49

    Hi Ava, thank you for your lovely comment!
    I'm glad you liked the blog more than the article! ;)

    I have been putting together a recipe page/tab to make it easier to find recipes - I'll add the page to the tabs along the top later on today and continue adding to it over the next few days!

    I wish I'd taken more of an interest in good food when I was in uni - I spent a lot of time making toasties and cooking stir fry kits!

  12. Ha! I mis-read the answer to this comment and thought you said stir fry kit-kats! Probably says alot about me - but even with my chocolate obsession, that would be a step too far!

  13. StellaDoesHealthyEating22 April 2010 at 11:01

    Haha! No I defintely haven't stir fried any kit-kats!


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