Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I've got to stop doing these

Catch up posts that is! I'm getting lazy! I think I need some sort of blogging routine...

I know I said I wouldn't post any more coffee, but this one was pretty!

Double espresso with a little steamed Lactofree milk and the last of my coconut syrup :(

The post-5k burger! Perfection! 100% beef burgers, lightly toasted ciabatta, raw, crunchy onion, crisp bacon and goat cheese

Celebratory mixed berry cider, I was still celebrating on Sunday!

Kind of made Jill's pad thai, but I was missing lots of ingredients and decided to give it ago anyway and it turned out quite nice! I'm so glad Jill introduced me to this dish, it's amazing!

Last night I had my first glass of milk in.... I have no idea how long it's been! For ages now I have only been having cows milk in tea or coffee. I love this Lactofree stuff! Thanks to Tamzin I've seen her mention low lacto milk on her blog a couple of times so figured it would be worth a try.

And lastly, I'm desperately trying to avoid catching the cold going round work, here is my arsenal of drugs!

Echinacea, Berocca and Vicks First Defence - no idea if/how effective any of it is, but everyone else in my team has had a cold since Thursday and I'm doing OK so far!

I have a big "thing" tomorrow so if anyone feels like sending some good luck vibes my way around 8am then please do :D


  1. I'm always doing 'catch up' blogs - and some days every single thing I do is a catch up thing!

    Interesting info about the lacto free milk - must try it - thanks.

  2. Best of luck on your big thing!

    You'll be awesome! ;)

  3. That coffee does look good! Hope you don't get sick, good luck on your thing!

  4. God, I hate it when sick people come to work, I wish they would just stay home instead of contaminating everyone else!

    Hope you manage to stay well crappy *mwah*

  5. Love your salt and pepper pots in the background, so cute!

  6. Cool you like the milk, its so tasty and easy on the tum, happy days! x x


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