Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Run Balmoral 5k

Photo is from here

Sorry it's taken me so long, work has been busy and I've been so tired! I'm currenlty contemplating a second tripple shot latte from Starbucks....

So, the run. I did it! I ran the full distance! I'm so pleased, I really didn't expect to make it! I did struggle and a couple of times I thought I couldn't go on and would have to walk for a bit, but then I kept thinking how much I wanted to be able to say "I ran the whole way".

It was a really good day for it, it had been raining earlier in the day but was dry for our run, the temperature was pretty good too so I managed to avoid overheating too much. My average pace came out at around 5.1mph according to the timings site and I completed in 36 minutes and I think around 30 seconds! With a wee sprint finish which nearly killed me! The beginning of the route for about the first 1k was quite narrow so it was hard to go fast, which is good for me as I would never make it if I ran fast! Then we turned a corner up a hill which was quite tough but easily do-able and towards the top as we were running through the woods we past 3 white horses who were trotting and jumping and getting excited about all the runners - that was lovely to see, felt a bit weird and almost magical!

Then I got over-taken by a guy in a PVC Michael Jackson outfit and rubber mask - very disappointing! But I think I managed to finish ahead of the giant purple dinosaur at least.

I'm really glad I did the run, it was so much fun and I can't wait to do another! I need to find a 10k next and if I do that I think I'll aim for the Glasgow half marathon in September, but we'll see how 10k training goes!

The only downside was the hour and a half drive each way, especially on the way home when I just wanted to have a shower!

As a reward for such a good day we made big proper beef burgers for dinner with ciabatta bread, bacon and goats cheese - amazing! Followed by gooey GU chocolate torte (or two!) and I had a few glasses of peach bellini too. Perfect.


  1. You did so well mate, I'm so pleased you managed to run the whole thing, I knew you would do it on the day.

    I think a 10k is a great goal to have next and I'm certain you could be up to running a half marathon in time for September.

    Well done chick


  2. Congratulations on your run, well done! Glad you finished before the purple dinosaur! ;-)

  3. Conga rats and well done!

    Don't worry too much about the gimped up Michael Jackson, you did great! xx

  4. Congrats lady, well done x x

  5. Congratulations - what a great achievement

  6. StellaDoesHealthyEating28 April 2010 at 18:01

    Thank you all!

  7. Wooo! Well done on the 5k! and especially well done for managing a sprint at the end :o) Very well deserved peach bellinis I say (nom!)


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