Monday, 24 May 2010

Eh... Hello!

I'm somewhat out of the habit of blogging! I'll go back to basics and do a quick post of today's food to help me get back into the swing of things. I guess sometimes life just gets in the way doesn't it?

Sadly after such a glorious weekend enjoying the sun it was back to work and back to the grey miserable Aberdeen weather! It's meant to be like this all week so I'm crossing my fingers for another great weekend! I had to get the bus this morning so was out the house at 6:30am, I hate these early starts but getting home before 4:30pm makes it all worthwhile, plus it's only a 4 day week this week!

I started with a much needed caffeine hit - I've discovered the machines at work do a really nice black coffee that's just perfect with a little milk and much lighter than a latte or cappuccino. By 9am I was ready for some breakfast in my new favourite bowl

It's a baby bowl from Mothercare! It's perfect for taking porridge to work. It doesn't leak so I can add my rice milk and keep the toppings separate to add once the oats are cooked. And it's microwaveable. The lid and handle are perfect for my health and safety obsessed office as I need to have it covered going up stairs and I'm not allowed to walk up any stairs without a hand free for holding the handrail. And yeah, I used the baby spoon! I normally eat breakfast with a teaspoon and this one is even better as it's flexible and gets every last drop out of the bowl! I love it!

Today's porridge was made with rice milk, a small sliced banana and a pack of flaxseed, cocoa and berries which was a free sample with  new fitness magazine - Body Fit, which looks pretty good though I'm not very far through it yet.

No picture of it mixed in as it looked a big gross! Tasted great though, I might just have to buy a bag of this stuff, I imagine it would be good mixed into some greek yogurt.

I did have a latte with my breakfast and managed to spill in the bowl! (as well as all over my desk) fortunately it tasted really good!

Before lunch I snacked on an apple which I sliced up and dipped in hazelnut butter

Lunch was an enormous and incredibly boring salad! I had mountains of mixed leaves with spring onion and king prawns which had been cooked in a lime and coriander Nando's marinade - the prawns were great but the salad was just crap. I didn't put much effort into it because I also had some hummus with raw carrot and mange tout but I spent so long eating the worlds dullest salad that I was too full for them.

These pasta sauce tubs are great for taking veggies and dip to work in! I had a couple of them when I got home but I'm saving the rest for tomorrow.

I went for my usual afternoon snack of greek yogurt and frozen cherries and I added a couple of teaspoons of chilli mixed seeds. I wasn't sure about mixing the chilli with cherries but knew that just the yogurt and cherries wouldn't keep me full for very long, I'm glad I tried it, brilliant combination - the yogurt stopped the chilli blowing my head of :)

I added the yogurt in the morning as it was still "cooking" or whatever it does when I prepared my lunch.

Dinner was what is becoming a weekly feature - chicken in lemon wrapped in parma ham! I'll never get sick of this, it's so tasty!

With mange tout, baby corn and asparagus cooked in fajita seasoning!

After dinner I had a Pulsin Maple and peanut protein bar... I wasn't too impressed, it has a nice flavour but looked very unappealing and tasted quite dry and chalky, shame because I did really like the flavour!

Well, I'm off to make lunch for tomorrow before I decide I'm too tired!

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