Thursday, 27 May 2010

Weekend at last!

Well it will be in 45 minutes anyway! It's my flex Friday week so I have tomorrow off!

Yesterday didn't turn out to be too productive, I was exhauted and grumpy by the time I got home. I watched some more Vitamix on shopping TV and fantasised about how wonderful life could be... then made some jambalaya for dinner

Can't get enough of this! My boyfriend left about one third of him, I ate every bit of mine nad could have easily finished off his bowl too! I resisted though - it's the rice, it's one of those things that takes a while to make me feel full so I could go on and on stuffing my face then end up having to spend the night lying down with my trousers undone ;)

After dinner I made my boyfriend take me out and buy me another Reece's Nutrageous bar because he broke my mug *angry glare in boyfriends direction* I'm not really mad, I just have a peanut butter addiction that needs feeding.

After that we watched, well he watched, I did a lot of shouting at the telly to Junior Apprentice, followed by me giving in and going to bed early. I didn't get any exercise done so I *must* make up for it tonight.

I must say, I'm quite impressed with myself this week - have managed to stick to my calorie allowance every day and have eaten really well - just the two Reece's bars and a hot chocolate this afternoon that haven't been healthy - but peanuts are good and there's calcium in milky hot chocolate...

Breakfast today was greek yogurt with cinnamon, haxelnut butter, goji berrie snad chopped apple (added at work)

This was a lot more filling than I expected - adding nut butters to breakfast makes such a big difference for me.

Photographed on top of my list of quantities for filling out my food diary!

I snacked on some strawberries a few hours later

Lunch was exactly the same as yesterday, but in a different order! :D

Orange pepper, spring onion and courgette

Carrots and mixed leaves

Topped with a tin of tuna with some balsamic viniagrette added before nomming. See yesterdays post for the dressing.

This afternoon I had a hot chocolate to warm me up - I think our summer is over, there was that one week of nice weather and now it's back to rain and cold - like really cold!

I also finally got round to eating my mange tout, carrot and hummus

After work (only 30 mins now!) I'm heading to the gym then coming home to some burger action - can't wait! There's going to be some goats cheese getting involved too!


  1. It is so cold! I've been home all day and have had to put the heating on. I managed to resist last night by going to bed early with a hot water bottle! Have fun at the gym :)

  2. I have a serious sweet tooth too! Have you tried any raw chocolate desserts... perfect for a sweets craving yet good for you too!

  3. the chicken jambalaya looks gorgoeus! please could you post a recipe? im gonna try invent some new fudge baby ideas today...


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