Thursday, 6 May 2010

Yeah, so....Catch up post it is then!

But only a very brief one as I've pretty much been taking time out from blogging - not intentionally, it just happened!

My diet has been just crap. I really do need to get back to the gym, I think it'll be far easier keeping my diet on track when I'm exercising. I'm still partly blaming the weather, it's still so cold and miserable it's hard to get motivated at all!

Tonight is going to be spent watching election stuff on TV, currently Channel 4's Alternative Election Night which is making me laugh too much and really hurting my poor abs - my muscles still hurt from Tuesday nights Tae Bo Abs and Glutes - Billy Blanks is pretty tough!

What else...? I've said I'll run the Race For Life 5k in Aberdeen in June, I quite fancied doing a 10k but Race for Life is for a great cause and I'll be running with a good friend :)

I had quite a foody weekend, it was my boyfriend and I's anniversary on the Thursday, my mum her...boyfriend sounds so silly, but that's what he is, they came to visit for the weekend so we had a really nice Indian meal out on Saturday, as well as lunch at the International Market and a lunch at a castle, and I may have made the mistake of making a chocolate brownie cake and eating loads of it!

Our anniversary meal was at this great wee French restaurant Cafe Boheme, we'd never seen or heard of it before but past it onto the place we had planned to go to, which was fully booked so we went back to the French place and wow! It was amazing! I had a goats cheese tart for my starter, turbot in a creamy mushroom sauce for main and pudding was a chocolate mousse filled macaroon, some honeycomb icecream and a very rich dark chocolate mousse - all little servings as one dish, not 3 full desserts! Sadly :(

Our Indian meal was at Cinnamon where I had lots of poppadoms with various Indian dips, followed by massive king prawns cooked in cinnamon and coconut with a honey, cinnamon and almond naan bread - verr niice. The naan was amazing! I also had a nice sorbet/icecream thing which was free and therefore zero calories! :D

Some other food that I have photos of:

Lunch - oatcakes with goats cheese and chorizo. This was all I had to take to work for lunch, was a bit random but such a great combination.

Goat milk yogurt with chopped granny smith apple and plum, drowned in cinnamon with a blob of hazelnut butter - I normally have yogurt with frozen or fresh blueberries or raspberries but a reader suggested cinnamon in yogurt - which is gorgeous, wish I'd discovered it sooner! And after reading Salad & Sequins I've been inspired to get a bit more adventurous with yogurt! There's a sentence I never thought I'd say!

Do you like my little lunch tubs? They make packed lunches fun! [/loser]

2 chopped plums, homemade greek yogurt (yeah baby!), crumbled up fudge baby, cinnamon and maca - this would have been good if I hadn't put the fudge baby in the night before as by the time I came to eat it it was all soggy and rubbish :(

Smoothie with rice milk, hazelnut butter, banana and 1 scoop chocolate  Maxitone Sculptress protein shake - my current favourite breakfast smoothie

Homemade greek yogurt with 1 scoop banana sculptress protien shake and crumbled fudge baby - fudgy baby was good with the yogurt, the sculptress shake was not! Far too sweet!

Today's breakfast - more of the greek yog with fruit salad and pumpkin seeds, love the chewiness these add!

Well that's quite enough of that, I'm going to each chocolate, watch TV and chat to my lovely friend Ivana


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I love those little tupperware, I think I saw them in paperchase- so very cute!

  2. Where did you get those lunch tubs from? So cute! I NEED them!

  3. Re lunch: I think basically though, you'd like ANYTHING that involved goats' cheese!

  4. Goats cheese = delish
    Are those tubs from paperchase?
    Also, any chance you can share your Greek Yoghurt making wisdom? I get through more than is humanly possible, or so you'd think, so would be good to be able to make my own and save some pennies!

  5. As always your eats look delicious! I love Billy Blanks too! x

  6. deisegirl19817 May 2010 at 18:06

    Absolutely love the lunch boxes!

    Tae Bo was the very first exercise video (yes video) I did back in the day. I didn't stick with it but that was mainly because I was living at home and had to wait until everyone had gone to bed before exercising. These were the days before TVs and DVD players were cheap enough to have in every room!

  7. I was gonna buy those tubs the other day! Thanks for the shout out glad your getting down with yogurt love! x x

  8. Love the lunch tubs! I need to get some funky one's methinks. Love the blog.

  9. Guys where do you get these lunch tubs from? xxx

  10. They're definately from Paperchase - they're a bargin actually, £6.50 for 3 stackable ones, I bought some cute ones with a smiley globe on them!

  11. StellaDoesHealthyEating9 May 2010 at 13:03

    Yeah the little boxes are from Paperchase! They suit my packed lunches pretty well! Large one for cold breakfasts, medium one for yogurt and stuff as a snack, small ones for omelette or porridge ingredients and tiny one is perfect for filling with dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cacao nibs etc - I do love me some kitchen accessories!

    And yes, anything involving goat cheese will always be good! :D

    Billy Blanks, my flatmate am I used to do the video in uni! I'm still sore from doing the DVD on Tuesday! I think I broke me.

    Yogurt... um, I wish I could just make it myself, but I used Easiyo so didn't really do anything!

  12. I love those tubs :D I want, I want!!!! xx

  13. I just bought some of the Kara Coconut Milk yesterday (on offer, can't resist bargains) and it's lovely!

    Are your boxes from Paperchase? I have tons of cute things like that for my lunches. Adulthood can go hang!


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