Monday, 7 June 2010

Day 1

How many times have I said that now? ;)

I took some photos and measurements last night and decided it's time for a real kick up the arse! I've been hovering around this same weight for ages now, constantly losing a few pounds and gaining a few pounds - it would be fine if it was a happy weight - I'd gladly maintain it plus or minus a few pounds, but I really need to get to that weight asap then I can just focus on maintaining it.

So I have signed up for a 30 day fat loss program, it's pretty strict with what I can and can't eat, but it's healthy, so I will only be eating good foods, nothing fad diety though also not something I would do long term - thought maybe I'll feel differently in 30 days!

It's basically very "clean eating" so not all that different from the way I mostly eat, just means I can't snack on chocolate or crisps or have pizza when I can't be bothered cooking, or a glass of wine at the weekend... but it's only 30 days then I can add things back in moderation.

I really enjoyed when I cut out sugar, alcohol, wheat and dairy for two weeks and I appreciated other foods so much more when I stopped. I just struggled to reign it in again afterwards.

Last night I planned all my meals and snacks so that I had no excuses to be unprepared during the week!

I enjoyed the last of my pomegranate juice blended with lots of ice and some fresh lime juice - it was lovely, the lime gave it a bit of a fizz and blending the ice meant it was all slushy and thick!

Today started off with no coffee, no syrup, no milk... it felt weird. I didn't really know what to do with myself when I got up! I ended up making some"Re-Charge" tea instead - blackcurrants, ginseng, echinacea and hibiscus. Quite nice actually!

For breakfast I stuck with my old favourite - porridge! With rice milk, half a banana, cinnamon and coconut butter

It felt weird starting a new eating plan by eating the same breakfast as normal! Hopefully the fact that I'm not eating too differently will make things much easier.

Morning snack was an apple with hazelnut butter and maca - I find fruit fills me up a lot more if I have it with something, otherwise it leaves me feeling as though I am starving!

Lunch was the usual salad, but a few changes because it was just whatever I had left!

Green beans, carrot, orange pepper, topped with rocket and spinach, black pepper, lemon juice and EVOO.

I also fried some prawns in coconut butter, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper and lemon juice

It was good, except when I nearly chocked on a carrot and I used too mauch cayenne so my mouth is still on fire!

This after noon I've got some yogurt, raspberries and pumpkin seeds to give me some energy before going home to do workouts 1 and 2 or 4!


  1. Looks like some fab eats good luck on your 30 days look forward to hearing how it goes x x

  2. StellaDoesHealthyEating9 June 2010 at 22:12

    Thanks Tamzin! :)

  3. Good luck on the plan : ) I lost 7lb in 3 days through detoxing - and I would have kept it off if it was not for my sabotaging husband ( ; The basics are on my blog if you want to check it out, or I can write it out in detail for you - let me know...


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