Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Healthy eating not going so well...

Someone keeps stealing all my food

But apart from that it's been rather good actually, including...

Porridge with my favourite hazelnut & almond rice milk with banana, flax and toasted pecans and hazelnuts

Proper homemade latte - not had one of these in ages!

I lost the rubber spout thingy for steaming the milk on my espresso machine, it actually worked better without! It got hotter quicker and didn't expand so much, leaving plenty of space for double (large) espresso! It's normally kind of awkward as you need to have enough milk for the spout to sit in the milk, but having that much means it expands so much there's not enough space for caffeine..

Pumpkin 9 Bar

These are nice! I don't know if they changed the recipe as the first time I tried a 9 Bar I found it really annoying how it all just stuck to my teeth but this was much less sticky while still being tasty.

I've been having banana with almond butter before workouts these last few days - perfect for energy without being too heavy

Lots of berries! The strawberries I bought at the weekend are beautiful! So sweet and they just taste of summer - shame the weather doesn't match

And another bit of latte porn...


  1. It's not theft if you are enabling Jeff's noms! I do like his 'this doesn't mean I like you' expression, though.

    Your snacks look yum!

  2. I know what you mean about berries at the moment, I'm eating bucket loads of them! Love your nail varnish by the way! x

  3. What do you do about breakfast in the summer? I'm starting to get separation anxiety about being parted from my porridge...

    That cat looks scary - I'd give him whatever he demanded too!

  4. Homemade lattes! Look amazing x x

  5. I had to laugh when I saw the cat was the reason. My old cat(RIP) used to eat raw onion!


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