Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I was going to use being busy as an excuse for a quickie blog post tonight, but the truth is, it was quite and sunny outside so when I came home from work I sat out in the garden and read a book about coffee and nibbles!

Last night's dinner - turket steak with goats cheese and parma ham

Not quite as good on top of turkey as it is on top of a burger though but anything with goats cheese and crispy parma ham is a winner!

And since we're catching up on dinner, here are my tortilla wrap chips and dip from Sunday


Today looked like:

Breakfast - smoothie with orange juice, banana and strawberries

Snack - banana

Lunch - roasted tomato soup

Snack - natural yogurt, rhubarb & ginger jam and chia seeds - love these seeds! They go kind of gooey and give the yogurt a really rich and creamy texture! I also had a little coffee machine latte and 2 dried apricots

Dinner - savoury French toast with cheap and nasty bread, filled with cheese and ham - wow this was good! Not my favourite bread but I'm not sure it would have worked with a tortilla wrap and it was bloody tasty anyway! Not very pretty looking...

Snack -

I'm out.


  1. Yummy eats loving the look of those bars x

  2. StellaDoesHealthyEating28 June 2010 at 23:34

    They're excellent, will post more on then soon :)


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