Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mmmm, noodle soup

It's not noodle soup at all, I just made soup and keep thinking of the episode of Friends when Joey can't say "mmm soup" but keeps calling it noodle soup....

Yeah, anyway.

Since Friday when I decided to sack the 30 day program I've been feeling really great and like whatever was missing is coming back!

Friday I went to the gym for a run on the treadmill - I like using the treadmill when I am trying to improve on the distance I can run since I can control the speed I run at. When I run outdoors I run too fast and burn out too quick. I did a total of 45 minutes, starting with a 2 minute fast walk then running for 5 mins and walking for 1 min. After a few sets of that I did pyramid style intervals, 1 min run/1 min walk increasing the speed for each run by 0.5 mph up to a max speed of 7.5 mph. I love running fast but I get scared I'll get chewed up in the treadmill!

I also did a lot of walking on Friday - to and from the gym was 20 mins each way, then we went into town in the evening which was about 40 minutes each way.

Yesterday, I didn't do any exercise as I was out with  friend for most of the day then when I came home I wash all the dishes and cleaned all the kitchen - it's so lovely and shiny now! I was a bit reluctant to use it today and spoil the shinyness! But I did and I prepared all my food for taking to work tomorrow and made two lots of soup (hence the title!)

I made a watercress and courgette soup

I'll post the recipe later. It's really yummy, I've never made a soup with watercress before. It took under 10 mins to make this one. I'm a little bit broke for the rest of this month so using up what I already have in the fridge/cupboards. I'll be having soups for lunch this week.

I also made the delicious Roasted Tomato Soup which looked a bit like this today

I had two boxes of tomatoes and a red pepper to use up, as well as a kind of ropey looking brown onion.

And for dinner I'm off to make some tortilla chips out of some seeded tortilla wraps brushed with olive oil, cayenne pepper, cumin and corriander and I have jalapeno and red pepper hummus for dipping, like I said, I'm using stuff up so I don't have to shop!


  1. Mmmm, lovely vegan day you are having missus!

  2. Awww, I meant to make some watercress and courgette soup this wknd but didnt have time...and forgot to buy the watercress...oops :s

  3. StellaDoesHealthyEating21 June 2010 at 13:44

    Oh yeah! I never even noticed! I had juice and a granola bar for breakfast and toast with olive spread and Marmite for lunch too - very vegan until I also ate a chicken breast wrapped in parma ham!

  4. StellaDoesHealthyEating21 June 2010 at 13:45

    Ooops! I had been planning to make soup with the watercress all week but kept forgetting. It was supposed to be potato but I didn't have any and my courgette was looking a bit sad... it's a really lovely flavour!


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