Friday, 30 July 2010

Damn you Wordpess iphone app!

It ate my post :(

Since I'm too lazy to retype here's what ate today:

Tahiti Spuce juice - involving passion fruit and ginger, so good! Need to try and recreate at home!

Brie and bacon panini, skinny cinnamon latte and medjool dates

It's pay day and I was shopping so thought I'd treat myself!

I'm done shopping and I'm now waiting to have my eyebrows threaded! I've had them waxed before but never tried threading!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Happy Birthday Mum!

I was going to add it into the last post but she deserves a post of her own! :D

It's good for the skin, right?

Green fly blood? I seem to be attracting loads of green fly and they kept sticking to my sweaty face on the way home from the gym and because they are so small and light flicking them off just meant I smeared them on my face :( gross....

I'm pretty tired two night after two intense gym sessions in a row! Monday I warmed up on the bike for 10 minutes keeping the resistance and speed high, I then did full body weights for around 45 minutes, had a quick re-fuel and then relaxed with 15 minutes at a steady pace on the cross trainer with a fitness magazine. And power walked home! I didn't meant to I was just so keen to get back!

Today was cardio intervals - 15 minutes of sprints and uphill jogs on the treadmill, 15 minutes intervals on the bike - alternating medium/high resistance at a fast pace with high resistance at a slower pace and a final 15 minutes on the cross trainer with my magazine - steady pace but harder and faster than yesterday.

It's funny I always shunned reading while exercising, it didn't seem possible that I would be able to read while working out but I quite like varying the intensity and it makes a nice "cool down" and means I get a bit of reading done, I'm rubbish at just sitting down an reading!

I'm sorry I still haven't got round to doing a catch up of the last week, I've been meaning to do it on my lunch break at work, but haven't had a lunch break yet this week!

Let's see if I can remember what I ate yesterday.

I definitely had a smoothie for breakfast, it most likely involved some kind of non-dairy milk, half a banana and a scoop of protein powder. I had scrambled egg with smoked salmon for breakfast. (wow can't believe I forgot that even though I just uploading photos!)

Ready for scrambling at work

I also had some hot water with lemon

I snacked on the usual combination of a Babybel Light and satsuma

Lunch was some melon, some wrapped in parma ham - this was lovely but not best for eating in work, bit messy!

I didn't have time for a proper afternoon snack so just had a latte and I had a quick banana, semi-skimmed milk and protein powder smoothie before the gym

Between weights and running I had another scoop of protein powder in water plus a Lucozade Lite

Dinner was duck breast with cherry sauce (leftover from Christmas) with asparagus, baby corn, mange tout and baby potatoes. The pictures are from last week when I had the same but with asparagus and roasted butternut squash and sweet potato - I was too hungry to photograph it!

Just.... wow! LOVE duck! LOVE asparagus! LOVE cherry sauce (thanks Delia Smith ;) )

Since I still had plenty of calories left for the day I had a fresh orange juice and Cocoa Orange Nakd bar after dinner.

Today I started with a lovely creamy smoothie - 350ml coconut milk, 1 scoop cookies and cream protein powder, half a large frozen banana and 1 heaped tsp of coconut butter

This was just the over-flow glass!

No proper snack again so I made an Options coconut hot chocolate (bit of a coconut theme here!)

Lunch.... oh dear. Lunch was a tuna cheese panini. Fitted into the days calorie allowance but left me feeling bloated and sleeping for the afternoon.

Perked up a bit later on with some melon and banana

Pre-gym smoothie - chocolate oat milk and 1 scoop of chocolate orange protein powder

And since I was eating alone I had a Prawn Pad Thai for dinner - bloody love this!

Now I'm drinking lots of water, my head hurts so much, I think I just haven't drank enough.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Fear.

I have it. I just sat down to blog with a mug of coffee and since it's pouring with rain outside I thought it might be quite nice to open the window and listen to the sound of the rain. Then an ENORMOUS spider ran in! Fortunately my hero was on hand to chase the bugger away!

I have a bit of a spider phobia so I'll probably spend the next 3-4 hours brushing imaginary spiders off myself *shudder* It's my second spider scare this weekend, don't think I could handle another!

I've  got a lot of catching up to do with my food photos - work was the craziest ever this week! I took over a new role properly last week and the guy I took over from went on holiday having forgotten to send the July reports to anyone so there was massive panic and lots of stress! I'm still doing my old job alongside the new and there's an audit starting for the old stuff in a couple of weeks so I may well continue to fall behind with blogging.

I'm going to start catching up with today's food so far.

I was desperate for coffee this morning but had run out of milk (only cows milk will do for coffee!) so I combined my morning coffee with a smoothie - 1 scoop cooking & cream protein powder, few drops vanilla extract, coconut milk, 2 shots espresso and some ice

This was mug one of two :D

It didn't keep me full for very long so I had a crumbled fruit and oat bar with some coconut milk to snack on

For lunch I had a Kath inspired bowl of porridge, oats, milk, water, banana, chia seeds and cottage cheese stirred in at the end. I topped mine with Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and chocolate button things from the health food shop

I wasn't that big a fan of the cottage cheese but loved the chia seeds! I ate about two thirds of this.

Salmon something planned for dinner tonight.

I'll be back later with more food from the last week but I'll leave you with last nights French Martini

It was prefect :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

BBQ Chicken

Another one of my favourite meals! It's so quick and easy and nice and low in calories and always amazingly tasty!

BBQ Chicken:
Recipe serves 4

* 2 Tablespoons Tomato Puree
* 2 Tablespoons Dark Brown Natural Muscovado Sugar
* 2 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
* Pinch Salt
* Fresh ground Black Pepper
* 4 Servings/600g Chicken (or turkey)

Per Serving:
Calories (kcal) 199.3
Carbohydrate (g) 10.8 (20.6%)
Protein (g) 36.4 (74.1%)
Fat (g) 1.2 (5.3%)
Fibre (g) 0.3

I serve with a handful of organic baby new potatoes and some salad in a low fat vinaigrette type dressing, this time I used up some left of low fat sour cream and chive dressing for the potatoes. Normally I'll use a whole chicken breast but went for turkey steaks this time.
Adding the potatoes, salad, dressing a dip, for me, brings it up to around 491 calories

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mocha Cherry Smoothie

I've been making a lot of Chocolate Cherry Bomb smoothies lately based on Kristen's Raw Vegan Recipe but decided last week that I needed a bit more of a kick to I made a version with espresso - it was so yummy I have to share! Plus I had the day off work waiting for Sky to appear between 8am and 5pm so had plenty of time on my hands and took lots of photos!

Those are chocolate covered espresso beans sinking in on top!

Serves 1:

  • 200ml rice milk

  • glass of water

  • 2 shots espresso

  • 1/2 frozen banana

  • 80g frozen cherries

  • 1 scoop chocoalte protein powder

  • 20g Dark Chocolate dreams peanut butter

  • 10g Linwoods flax, cocoa and berry mix

  • 1/2 tsp Xanthan gum (plus guar gum if you have it)

Put all the ingredients in a blender (liquid first) and blend until smooth. Enjoy!





Edit: I should probably add, after reading Tamzin's comment that I had about 2/3 for breakfast and the rest as a snack before dinner! And I did several hours of walking that day! Normally a breakfast smoothie would be around 300 cals to fit in with my weight loss.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Does Maxitone Work?

Is a google search term that keeps coming up for how people have come to my blog.

Well.... you have to do the work. Personally, I think there's no point spending all that money on Maxitone products without sorting out your diet and exercise regime first. Maxitone can only help build on what you've already got going on.

I stopped using the Sculptress capsules because they were making me feel unwell with all that caffeine on top of all the coffee I drink anyway. When I was using the Sculptress shakes I was primarily using them for a protein boost before/after workouts or as a quick and easy snack. I didn't find them to be anymore or any less effective than any other protein powder I have tried. But during the time I used Maxitone I also wasn't putting my all into my fitness or diet so I can't really give a fair opinion.

I just think it's important to remember it's not a magic powder that will melt away the fat from your ass :D

Wish it was though...

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Weekend

I always struggle over the weekend so I really need to focus on making sure I stay healthy at the weekends. Yesterday was good all day but then a late night bakery and it's jam donuts led me astray.

Started off with oats in a jar - a dark chocolate spread jar!

I cooked 1/4 cup oats with 1/2 cup rice milk and half a banana, stirred in some cinnmon and ground cocoa, berries &flax then served in the jar with left over dark chocolate spread

The chocolate tasted so good when it was all melted and gooey!

For a snack I squeezed the juice from 2 oranges and stuck the remains of some carrots through the juicer - they were a bit old so I didn't get much juice. I started with this

and ended up with this

Love the colour!

Normally you would get a lot more juice from the carrots so I definitely needed to top up with some of this

For lunch I took advice from Tamzin and blended some beetroot with chocolate (orange) protein powder and also some rice milk and topped with pumpkin seeds

I also took inspiration from Tamzin and got myself a nice smoothie glass - I always feel more encouraged to eat healthy when I can make it pretty or fun! Plus it was in the sale section in TK Maxx and the only one they have! I feel a bit like a smoothie stalker now!

For dinner I had Pad Thai again, prawns needed using up.

I swapped some of the pictures in the recipe post as I thought last nights looked better.

I also spirlized some carrots for healthy curly fries but I didn't cook them long enough and ended up to full to eat them anyway, probably because I had a small slice of my boyfriends pizza!

They looked good though:

We went to the cinema after dinner and I had a diet energy drink and diet cherry coke - I needed the energy drink because I was starting to feel pretty tired thanks to having been woken up by the cat chewing my face at 7am (on a Saturday, not fair!) and the diet coke was just because I really fancied it!

I came in t 1528 calories for the day, aim was for 1400 - including the donut at around 300 calories! I could have had a whole other smoothie or bowl of porridge for less than that!

Looking back at the pictures I had a very orange day yesterday! :D

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