Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Fear.

I have it. I just sat down to blog with a mug of coffee and since it's pouring with rain outside I thought it might be quite nice to open the window and listen to the sound of the rain. Then an ENORMOUS spider ran in! Fortunately my hero was on hand to chase the bugger away!

I have a bit of a spider phobia so I'll probably spend the next 3-4 hours brushing imaginary spiders off myself *shudder* It's my second spider scare this weekend, don't think I could handle another!

I've  got a lot of catching up to do with my food photos - work was the craziest ever this week! I took over a new role properly last week and the guy I took over from went on holiday having forgotten to send the July reports to anyone so there was massive panic and lots of stress! I'm still doing my old job alongside the new and there's an audit starting for the old stuff in a couple of weeks so I may well continue to fall behind with blogging.

I'm going to start catching up with today's food so far.

I was desperate for coffee this morning but had run out of milk (only cows milk will do for coffee!) so I combined my morning coffee with a smoothie - 1 scoop cooking & cream protein powder, few drops vanilla extract, coconut milk, 2 shots espresso and some ice

This was mug one of two :D

It didn't keep me full for very long so I had a crumbled fruit and oat bar with some coconut milk to snack on

For lunch I had a Kath inspired bowl of porridge, oats, milk, water, banana, chia seeds and cottage cheese stirred in at the end. I topped mine with Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and chocolate button things from the health food shop

I wasn't that big a fan of the cottage cheese but loved the chia seeds! I ate about two thirds of this.

Salmon something planned for dinner tonight.

I'll be back later with more food from the last week but I'll leave you with last nights French Martini

It was prefect :)


  1. Ohh i have a horrible fear of spiders too i spend half my life brushing imaginary spiders off me heh heh!

  2. Ooh, where did youi get the chia seeds? I've been trying to find them for ages. I should have looked in Whole Foods when I was there but I was too distracted by everything else!

  3. I'm terrified of spiders too, don't know why, it's completely irrational, my kitty chases and eats them which is so gross but at least they're not going to get me haha

  4. An ENORMOUS spider ran across my foot last night (as I was bent down so it was right by my face too). I screeched, took a huge leap to land on the bed. Brave fiance killed it and even he - master of the understatement - admitted it was HUGE. Before hypnotherapy I would have hypoventilated and sobbed, so screeching and shaking was definitely progress! We live in a 2nd floor flat so they have to be pretty determined to get in - horrible things.

  5. I hate spiders! Your smoothie and porridge look yum x x

  6. Spiders are not that bad - you should try lying in bed at night listening to the mice running around the kitchen above you... yes, I live in a funky topsy turvy world ( ;


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