Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I Ran.

I've been really trying to improve in terms how how long I can run for, I seem to have been trying for ages and not really improving much at all. It was starting to get me down a bit really but I figured I should keep pushing and forcing myself to run just an extra minute each time, it seemed to be working but I was just counting down the seconds until I could stop - I find it so boring! So yesterday I decided to stop trying to run longer and give intervals a try again. Oh my god! I loved it so much! I definitely find running as fast as I can a lot more fun, yeah I can only keep it up for a minute or two but it's such a good feeling and seems to be over so quick. And overall I cover the same distance in the same amount of time!

Before running I had my apple and hazelnut butter - I went green. I'm sure the suspense was killing you.

I was feeling pretty lazy and couldn't really be bothered eating the apple so I chucked it and the nut butter in my blender with half a banana and some rice milk

Something was missing though....

It needed some sparkle :D

My mum sent me some edible glitter!

I did mean that I ended up going to the gym covered in glitter!

I had a cookies & cream protein shake afterwards and then got started on dinner

Carbonara. I needed carbs!

I also had a 9 Bar and some Coco Pops before bed. I wasn't particularly hungry, I just really wanted some Coco Pops.


  1. I've been interval training to get back into running after hurting my back and love it! The time really does go quickly x x

  2. When you're hungry for a sugary sweet treat, i recomennd either a sliced apple or banana(or any fruit of choice) and pour on top of it live bio yoghurt(i ADORE rachel's greak style with honey live bio yoghurt) and drizzle of top of it with runny honey!

  3. woo hoo! glittery food!


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