Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Just a quick update, I'm catching up on some blog reading tonight and not feeling very wordy.

Food's been good, same as yesterday during the day but in the wrong order (breakfast at 3pm, after lunch!) And dinner was Pad Thai, I might have a protein shake, I had one last night after blogging - it was horrible! Really horrible. Taste and texture was very chalky, I was pretty disappointed as I had tried the vanilla flavour of the same brand before and loved it, but last night's chocolate was awful! I bought a variety taster pack so fingers crossed for the other flavours!

Such a shame, it's a great protein - rice and pea (my protein powder of choice!) plus it has spirulina and all kinds of other good stuff.... but it's not good if it tastes bad so I'll post more once I've tasted the other flavours.

Today -

And then Pad Thai and a protein shake....


Monday, 30 August 2010

What is it about the weekends?

Why do I totally lose the plot every weekend? Every weekend. It's pretty much exactly the same, Saturday morning goes really well, lunch is just OK, not too unhealthy but not especially unhealthy, by dinner time all I want is wine, chips & dips, pizza, fajita's, pudding, chocolate, sweets.... then Sunday morning, healthy breakfast, followed by a day of eating absolute crap!

Well, it's a new week and all I can do it keep trying and not give up :)

I have enjoyed today's healthy foods so, so much!!

Breakfast was like black forest gateaux but without the cold/wet sponge - natural yogurt, defrosted cherries and cocoa, berry and flax mix - I made it up last night so the flax mix had gone all thick and gooey!

I had a Starbuck's skimmed, triple shot, sugar free hazelnut latte sprinkled with cinnamon - my second favourite Starbuck's option!

Lunch was a new thing to me, I made it last night and was so excited about! It did not disappoint! I'm pretty excited that there are still another 2 portions of it left!

I roasted some veggies - sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, courgette, red onion, asparagus and garlic with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, chilli and thyme

And cooked up some quinoa

I've never made it before and only tried it once previously in a fruity shop bough salad from Marks & Spencer's, I love the shop bought salad but was convinced mine was going to be gross, it seemed so stodgy and looked so pale and bland - I had to text Ivana, for advice and she suggested fluffing with a fork and assured me that it would taste good the next day after absorbing some flavour from the veggies - she also gave me the idea for the whole meal - I wanted to use the quinoa but I really didn't know what to do with it, I've been finding salads or soups not quite satisfying enough for lunch and sandwiches tend to be a bit too heavy and leave me sleepy all afternoon so I thought it was time to try some salads with grains to keep me fuller for longer.

Once the veggies and quinoa were cooked I mixed them up and left in the fridge overnight.

I also added some chicken in the morning but the veg tasted so good I didn't want to risk ruining or changing it and just ate the chicken off the top first!
If you haven't tried quinoa - go make this! If you like veg you'll love it!

After the most satisfying lunch I've had in a very long time I didn't really feel the need for a snack but knew I'd get hungry before dinner and I didn't want to risk pigging out on junk when I got home I had 4 little greengages and a green tea with pear

Then there was dinner. Oh. My. God. I actually shouted when I took my first bite of the pork it was just so damn good! I chopped the middle out of a pork chop for my portion and used  whole, huge, chop for my boyfriend. Marinated then in soy sauce, fresh chopped ginger, fresh lime, honey and tahini

This was a Weight Watchers recipe - that the magazine you can see in the right of the photo.

I chopped some spring onion, washed pack choi and spiralised some carrot

And was left with this!

Which has been saved for dipping in a sweet potato and harissa dip!

Fried the pork

Cooked some noodles and stir fried the veggies with sesame seeds, chilli and garlic salt

Then piled it up on my plate and quickly poured into my belly! :D I was very happy!

Boyfriend's Man Portion!

Can you tell which was my favourite part?

(I save the best bits until last by the way!)


Friday, 27 August 2010

The Versatile Blogger - 7 Things About Me

I keep forgetting all about this and have delayed it for so long I can't remember who had tagged me - sorry!

Here are the rules: Thank the person who gave you the award...
Big Thank You to TamHelene and Laura who tagged me (I think!)
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs
  • Let your nominees know about the award
7 things about me...
  • After starting my blog back in April 2009 I have lost 2 stone through eating healthy, real foods, lifting heavy weights and quick intense bursts of cardio
  • I'm an accountant and spend my days looking after other peoples budget vs. expenditure but have no control over my own budgeting and spending!
  • I have no co-ordination. Zero. None at all. The thought of any kind of gym class send me into a cold sweat, the though of a step aerobics class is enough to set off a panic attack. Even the classes which require no co-ordination still require too much co-ordination for me!
  • I hate peas. Passionately. Bleugh.
  • I have a magazine addiction, I have huge piles of magazines I haven't even read, I just can't stop myself buying them but never seem to have the time to just sit down and read them. I buy fitness magazines, food magazines and fashion magazine - I have no interest in celebrity gossip.
  • I couldn't live without my iPhone. It does everything I could ever need and I have no idea how I could get through a day without it
  • I am completely rubbish at doing about me lists - which is why I've been putting it off for so long!
Nominate some blogs...

I don't have 15 newly discovered blogs so this one's a bit hard, I'm also so late in doing this that most people I would choose seem to have already done this! So instead I'll just point you in the direction of my blog list which you can find in the tabs at the top or HERE


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Weight Watchers - Day Zero

I was going for Day 1 but since I didn't actually count points or anything, I just went to first first meeting and was officially weighed, so we'll call it day zero.
I'm a bit of a geeky loser when it comes to numbers and statistics and graphs and things so I weighed myself on my own scales at home before leaving for the meeting to see if they were different from the Weight Watchers scales - mine put me 1.5lbs heavier - I was expecting to find out I was about half a stone heavier than I thought so I guess it was quite nice seeing a smaller number.... Ultimately though it's just a wee number it doesn't really have much meaning. What does matter is that I don't feel comfortable, attractive or healthy at my current weight, and my clothes are getting a bit too tight, as long as the number moves in the right direction for a while then stays put I'll be happy whatever the number actually is.

Since I'm going to be getting back into the habit of weekly weighing I am going to post it - if I don't it's easy for me to let it creep up and just keep quiet about it. Before I post it I want to say that this number is personal to me and should not be used for comparing yourself. It's based on my height, my build, my fat %, my muscle mass, my bone density, what I ate for the day, the clothes I was wearing...it's kind of irrelevant to anyone else but I write this blog partly to make myself accountable so I am going post my weight and maybe measurements (I'll measure on Saturday!), I might even post some more photos of my progress!

Start Weight - 26/08/2010:

Goal Weight:

And once I'm at goal I'll see how I look and feel and decide whether or not I want to maintain or lose some more.

I feel asleep on the sofa embarrassingly early last night and slept in this morning so didn't have time to prepare or photograph any food. It really wasn't one of my best days food-wise - Starbucks tripple shot almond latte for breakfast, baguette with tuna, cream cheese and red onion for lunch, bar of chocolate as my afternoon snack and then I came home and stuck some chips in the over, smothered them in cheese and garnish with a slice of pizza..... good thing I had that Weight Watchers meeting tonight! Counting points and eating 19 of them a day starts tomorrow - clearly I've already blown it for today!

Here is some of yesterday's food...


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

No Change

Yesterday was my first day properly back on the wagon and it went quite well actually!

I started the morning with a Starbucks Via their instant coffee *shudder* I was pleasantly surprised, it's really great, very smooth and coffee-y, just how I like it :D It's pretty useful for the mornings that I sleep in and don't have time for a real coffee, I'll definitely be re-stocking.

For breakfast I had some homemade Easiyo probiotic yogurt with a Graze pack - Bakewell Tart: cranberries, cherry raisins and almonds

It was OK, nothing special!

Lunch I had salad of little gem lettuce, spring onion, carrot and mange tout

Topped with a tuna steak

I steamed the tuna with a lime and coriander marinade from Nando's - I used microwave steam bags so it only took 2 minutes and was cooked perfectly! So soft and full of flavour! I used fresh tuna but you can use the bags with frozen fish which I'll be doing from now on to save some money! The steam bags are great but could get a bit expensive :(

I followed my salad with some greengages, and coffee.

When I got home I had another delivery from Graze and snacked on some honey cashews for some gym fuel - I had a 1 hour spin class booked and Oh. My. God. It was bloody hard work! I peaked too soon by working too hard in the beginning so really struggled to get through the second half! It was a brilliant workout - I can't believe I hadn't been in so long, I hope to make this a regular feature again. I stopped going because they changed the instructor and she was a bit crap. I was pretty disappointed when I saw it was still the same one - but she has totally changed her style and it turned out to be a fantastic workout!

For dinner I had my favourite - Pad Thai! (click for proper recipe!) I kind of ruined it though as I used too much lime and soba noodles instead of the usual medium egg noodles, which was weird! I ended up throwing on a good amount of soy sauce to help distract from the lime flavour, was nice, just not what I wanted - I'll need to make another later in the week :D

I also want to clarify, although I have said I am doing Weight Watchers for a while (at least 1 month) nothing is going to change other than counting points instead of counting calories - I'll still be eating all the same foods and doing the same sort of exercise as I was before. I just want a change from counting calories and worrying about protein and carbs - I already know what foods and what balance makes me feel good so I don't need to keep going over the numbers in such detail anymore, I know that on weight training days I benefit from more protein for recovery, I know too many carbs make me feel sleepy and drained. I just need to watch how much I eat because I do still want to lose a few pounds - not too much though.


Tuesday, 24 August 2010


No, not really, barely even news actually, I just felt like being a bit over-dramatic :D

You may have noticed I've been slacking a bit lately, with healthy eating, exercising and with blogging. I just seem to have lost my "it". I'm not sure what "it" is but it's not there anymore. So I decided to try and get it back - doing what I have been doing just isn't working - I've been stuck gaining and losing the same few pounds for almost a year now. I'm not into trying some crazy diet or anything but things definitely need a shake up. First I decided to ditch calorie counting - this meant I just had no control and was eating far too much, not necessarily portion sizes, just too many portions and too much of the wrong food - combined with not a lot of exercise. Clearly that was never going to work!
So I've joined Weight Watchers again! I know I have been critical of Weight Watchers in the past but I am approaching it in a totally differently this time - and so are they! The latest version of Weight Watchers seems to be much closer to the way I like to eat - more about Real Food and less about eating whatever you want as long as it's within points, and preferably a Weight Watchers ready meal/diet cake, even thought that's what brought you to Weight Watchers in the first place.... anyway, there is a real focus on proper healthy eating these day and that obviously appeals to me!
I have my first meeting on Thursday which I'm really looking forward too, but also feeling a bit nervous! I never went to the meetings last time, I just bought the books from ebay and followed it myself at home. I was also a student at the time and my cooking skills were.... well, I liked Supernoodles and tuna cheese toasties!
I am quite liking tracking points for a change from calories too -  I knew exactly what I could have for 1500 calories, but I have no clue what 19 points means so I'm having to think a bit more and plan in advance and feel motivated to exercise again!

Quite excited about having something new to play with! :D

Oh and a quick thanks to *Bitch Cakes* who's blog I have recently found through Twitter. She done an amazing job changing her habits and losing weight with Weight Watchers - it was reading her blog that made me go and have a look at the WW site. Thank you Bitch Cakes!


Monday, 16 August 2010

Ice Cream Monday

Mmmm, I've had an amazing bowl of banana and maple syrup ice cream! Looks a bit gross but tasted fan-freaking-tastic!

I just blended a frozen banana with some maple syrup. I wish I had added some walnuts or pecans - I'll just have to make some more :D

I don't have any other food photos for today, I was feeling a bit yucky and my head was bothering me so I hadn't eaten much really and by the time I did eat I was far too hungry to stop and photograph it!

Yesterday was another glorious day! I had a yummy and filling breakfast of natural yogurt, granola, coconut butter, maple syrup, goji berries,, cocoa, flax and berry mix and some oats

With a milky coffee of course, I just can't begin a day without coffee, I love it so much!

This was followed by a chocolate peanut protien smoothie so I wasn't tempted to snack on junk while I was out

Since it was such a beautiful day we walked out to one of the parks and took some lunch with us, on the way I decided I needed some pear cider to go with my lunch in the park :)

I had another pitta with goats cheese, chorizo and red onion, a Graze pack with dried mango, pineapple and coconut, a plum and a couple of wine gums

And was stalked by this guy who was just desperate to steal our food!


We walked about 5 miles and stopped off for Mexican food at Choquito's on the way home. I had chicken fajita's, 2 frozen strawberry margarita's and then we shared churros with hot chocolate fudge dipping sauce. I say shared, but my boyfriend only had one ;) actually, I must admit I didn't eat them all, after a few I just used one as a vessel for getting the sauce from the pot to my mouth :D


Saturday, 14 August 2010


I'm sure I've used the for a post title before. Nevermind, I'm hopeless at thinking of titles!

I've had a lot of juice today! For breakfast I had a Berocca, a coffee and a fresh juice. I had my favourite carrot, apple, ginger and lemon juice

Sadly I broke my favourite glass reaching over to plug my juicer in :(

And creme brulee coffee with lots of full fat milk

Before heading out I snack on a few salsa toasted almonds from one of the Graze box packs - theses are so nice, thankfully not as addictive as the chilli almonds so I managed not to scoff the whole box!
While I was out I had a shop bought sandwich and another juice! I was in the mood for some sort of iced coffee but Costa had no ice. Instead I went elsewhere and ordered a pineapple, apple and ginger juice from Fuel so refreshing on a lovely hot day!
Continuing with the juice theme I had a non-alcoholic sangria juice at home, I saw it in the shop and thought it was just fruit juice so no point really... then I noticed it said there was cinnamon in it! Apple, grape, orange juice and cinnamon - wow!! So, so good! I need to put cinnamon in my juice more often!

I had a mad craving for hot chocolate with marshmallows in the afternoon, I was feeling sorry for myself with my broken tooth and headache so I indulged! :D Twice!

Dinner was a good old Jambalaya - click for recipe! I used turkey steak instead of chicken and chopped it into cubes instead of shredding, tasted fine but looked odd. Reminded me of fake quorn meat or something, bit off-putting!

With ice cold sparkling water and lemon - the tooth I cracked has been root filled so isn't senstive, thank goodness! Just sore to bite down on so I can only chew at one side of my mouth!

I'm tempted to upgrade the next one to a pretend mojito with lime and mint...

I hope you're all having a more interesting Saturday night than I am, I should have been out drinking wine and eating Greek food :(


Friday, 13 August 2010

Red and Green

Today I work up seriously craving fruit! I love it when that happens! I just blended up some frozen raspberries with about on third frozen banana and a glass of water - was lovely and tangy and slushy and has given me a real craving for a frozen strawberry margarita. I sipped it from a Martini glass so I could pretend. It wasn't the same.

Second course was more yogurt with hazelnut butter, this time with mixed plain seeds and dried fruits and a few cacao nibs

That kept me going until lunch time. Lunch was amazing. can you guess why?

It got even better...

Unfortunately the pitta's were a bit funky and I couldn't open them up like a pocket so just made a pitta sandwich which turned out very nice, super tasty and pleasantly filling

Would have been nice under the grill pizza style too.

After lunch I stumbled across little cheese cake pots in the Starbucks in work and just couldn't resist! It was weird though, the cheese filling part was like a gritty lemony mouse thing. Nice, but not what it was supposed to be.

Once I got home I was fancying something green so made a lovely green monster with rice milk, spinach, banana, spirulina and flax, stoppe me making a pre-dinner goasts cheese pitta pizza!


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