Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bad Blogger

My weekend away has left so much more tired than I was expecting! I've pretty much done nothing for two days now! Actually looking forward to work tomorrow and getting back to normality and some sort of routine (and audit queries no doubt :( )

I was feeling really pleased with myself on Sunday as I'd eaten pretty well the whole time but then went and had a Burger King for lunch/dinner - I wasn't even hung over so I cant blame that but I will blame the 3 hour drive home ;) I also had lots of Dime bar chocolate things (we detoured to Ikea on the way home!) and Haribo. Then Monday was just a total junk-fest! And today was similar. Oooops!

I only photographed one meal all weekend, I was just having too much fun to think about it really!

Porridge made on the hob with milk  and strawberries and topped with more berries plus dried fruit and seeds

Check out our swanky apartment! It was gorgeous! 2 double bedrooms, one with en suite and jacuzzi bath and lovely big walk in shower in the other bathroom. Floor to ceiling windows throughout and nice kitchen, perfect for cooking up some delicious foods unpacking and plating up our Wagamama takeout!

It was a great start to the day, which involved a lot of walking around shops and Glasgow's Merchant City (love it so much and desperately want to move back to glasgow!), stopping for food, coffee and wine, plus some Clanadonia

Proper tribal pipe and drum band - wearing proper kilts! These guys were excellent!

Check out his shoes!

Wouldn't be complete with out a random jakie and his can of Special Brew...

Street dancers - these guys were amazing! Couldn't take my eyes off them long enough to photograph them properly!

Lunch stop with the girls

After some more walking we headed back to our apartment to get ready for dinner

We met the others for dinner and cocktails in Glasgow's West End then moved onto Merchant City for some more cocktails :D It was a great night! I haven't laughed so hard for ages! Hopefully we can all do it again sometime soon.



  1. Brilliant, brilliant weekend! Loved every minute of it and really want to do it all over again, reading this post back (once I catch up on my sleep)!


    PS, you look stunning!

    Obama xx


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