Tuesday, 24 August 2010


No, not really, barely even news actually, I just felt like being a bit over-dramatic :D

You may have noticed I've been slacking a bit lately, with healthy eating, exercising and with blogging. I just seem to have lost my "it". I'm not sure what "it" is but it's not there anymore. So I decided to try and get it back - doing what I have been doing just isn't working - I've been stuck gaining and losing the same few pounds for almost a year now. I'm not into trying some crazy diet or anything but things definitely need a shake up. First I decided to ditch calorie counting - this meant I just had no control and was eating far too much, not necessarily portion sizes, just too many portions and too much of the wrong food - combined with not a lot of exercise. Clearly that was never going to work!
So I've joined Weight Watchers again! I know I have been critical of Weight Watchers in the past but I am approaching it in a totally differently this time - and so are they! The latest version of Weight Watchers seems to be much closer to the way I like to eat - more about Real Food and less about eating whatever you want as long as it's within points, and preferably a Weight Watchers ready meal/diet cake, even thought that's what brought you to Weight Watchers in the first place.... anyway, there is a real focus on proper healthy eating these day and that obviously appeals to me!
I have my first meeting on Thursday which I'm really looking forward too, but also feeling a bit nervous! I never went to the meetings last time, I just bought the books from ebay and followed it myself at home. I was also a student at the time and my cooking skills were.... well, I liked Supernoodles and tuna cheese toasties!
I am quite liking tracking points for a change from calories too -  I knew exactly what I could have for 1500 calories, but I have no clue what 19 points means so I'm having to think a bit more and plan in advance and feel motivated to exercise again!

Quite excited about having something new to play with! :D

Oh and a quick thanks to *Bitch Cakes* who's blog I have recently found through Twitter. She done an amazing job changing her habits and losing weight with Weight Watchers - it was reading her blog that made me go and have a look at the WW site. Thank you Bitch Cakes!



  1. Good luck Stella, I have been pretty slack since the wedding. Need to get my act together, I am thinking of doing Pilates on Fridays. :)

  2. Good luck sweetie you gotta do whatever works for you x x

  3. Thanks both!

    Good luck Claire - I love pilates!

  4. I've tried most high street diets and I preferred Slimming World. It seemed simpler to follow and made me think about the way I was eating. Therefore, it had a greater lasting impact.


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