Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Just a quick update, I'm catching up on some blog reading tonight and not feeling very wordy.

Food's been good, same as yesterday during the day but in the wrong order (breakfast at 3pm, after lunch!) And dinner was Pad Thai, I might have a protein shake, I had one last night after blogging - it was horrible! Really horrible. Taste and texture was very chalky, I was pretty disappointed as I had tried the vanilla flavour of the same brand before and loved it, but last night's chocolate was awful! I bought a variety taster pack so fingers crossed for the other flavours!

Such a shame, it's a great protein - rice and pea (my protein powder of choice!) plus it has spirulina and all kinds of other good stuff.... but it's not good if it tastes bad so I'll post more once I've tasted the other flavours.

Today -

And then Pad Thai and a protein shake....



  1. lol I thought you wrote that you had a pad thai shake. That was confusing! :)

  2. I have been curious about protein shakes for a while as they always crop up on blogs, but you may have just put me off. Chalky is not good!

  3. Try raw cacoa nibs or powder, frozen bananas and hemp protein powder!

  4. The pad thai looks yummy x x


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