Friday, 13 August 2010

Smile - it's Friday!


I thought I would just post yesterdays eats as actually it wasn't exactly the same as the day before and, well I took the pictures so may as well!

Breakfast was natural yogurt with hazelnut butter and another Graze pack - green raisins, jumbo raisins and white chocolate buttons - which go really well with hazelnut butter! XKYDY26

Bland soup for lunch, was very disappointed :( made it better by dipping my crakers and cream cheese in!

Jeff and I both love full fat cream cheese!

Few plums to snack on, love these, they are such a mix of sweet and juicy and sour and firm!

 This is all you are getting of my dinner fail! I forgot to take any more photos and it was a bit rank looking anyway. this was my first time ever using polenta. I cooked it for about 5 minutes on the hob with veg stock and parmesan - it was lovely just like this, though it did remind me of those horrible Pot Noodle style pot mash things where you added hot water to dried instant mash with dried up bit of herb and vegetables - this was really nice though! (and actually when I was younger I loved the potato pot things too!)

I put this in a pie tin and left to cool while I made a tomato and herb pizza sauce, spread the sauce on and topped with red onion, yellow pepper, chorizo, spinach and cheese. It was supposed to come out like a pizza but was just a polenta mess really. I'll be making it again!


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