Friday, 13 August 2010

Red and Green

Today I work up seriously craving fruit! I love it when that happens! I just blended up some frozen raspberries with about on third frozen banana and a glass of water - was lovely and tangy and slushy and has given me a real craving for a frozen strawberry margarita. I sipped it from a Martini glass so I could pretend. It wasn't the same.

Second course was more yogurt with hazelnut butter, this time with mixed plain seeds and dried fruits and a few cacao nibs

That kept me going until lunch time. Lunch was amazing. can you guess why?

It got even better...

Unfortunately the pitta's were a bit funky and I couldn't open them up like a pocket so just made a pitta sandwich which turned out very nice, super tasty and pleasantly filling

Would have been nice under the grill pizza style too.

After lunch I stumbled across little cheese cake pots in the Starbucks in work and just couldn't resist! It was weird though, the cheese filling part was like a gritty lemony mouse thing. Nice, but not what it was supposed to be.

Once I got home I was fancying something green so made a lovely green monster with rice milk, spinach, banana, spirulina and flax, stoppe me making a pre-dinner goasts cheese pitta pizza!


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