Friday, 27 August 2010

The Versatile Blogger - 7 Things About Me

I keep forgetting all about this and have delayed it for so long I can't remember who had tagged me - sorry!

Here are the rules: Thank the person who gave you the award...
Big Thank You to TamHelene and Laura who tagged me (I think!)
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs
  • Let your nominees know about the award
7 things about me...
  • After starting my blog back in April 2009 I have lost 2 stone through eating healthy, real foods, lifting heavy weights and quick intense bursts of cardio
  • I'm an accountant and spend my days looking after other peoples budget vs. expenditure but have no control over my own budgeting and spending!
  • I have no co-ordination. Zero. None at all. The thought of any kind of gym class send me into a cold sweat, the though of a step aerobics class is enough to set off a panic attack. Even the classes which require no co-ordination still require too much co-ordination for me!
  • I hate peas. Passionately. Bleugh.
  • I have a magazine addiction, I have huge piles of magazines I haven't even read, I just can't stop myself buying them but never seem to have the time to just sit down and read them. I buy fitness magazines, food magazines and fashion magazine - I have no interest in celebrity gossip.
  • I couldn't live without my iPhone. It does everything I could ever need and I have no idea how I could get through a day without it
  • I am completely rubbish at doing about me lists - which is why I've been putting it off for so long!
Nominate some blogs...

I don't have 15 newly discovered blogs so this one's a bit hard, I'm also so late in doing this that most people I would choose seem to have already done this! So instead I'll just point you in the direction of my blog list which you can find in the tabs at the top or HERE



  1. A great 7, I'm with you on the magazines I am a total addict! xx xx

  2. I LOVE magazines too! It's my vice! x

  3. Thanks Tam! :)

    I am starting to feel so guilty about my magazine stash! I have a weekend away this weekend so no doubt I'll be adding to the magazine collection!


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