Monday, 30 August 2010

What is it about the weekends?

Why do I totally lose the plot every weekend? Every weekend. It's pretty much exactly the same, Saturday morning goes really well, lunch is just OK, not too unhealthy but not especially unhealthy, by dinner time all I want is wine, chips & dips, pizza, fajita's, pudding, chocolate, sweets.... then Sunday morning, healthy breakfast, followed by a day of eating absolute crap!

Well, it's a new week and all I can do it keep trying and not give up :)

I have enjoyed today's healthy foods so, so much!!

Breakfast was like black forest gateaux but without the cold/wet sponge - natural yogurt, defrosted cherries and cocoa, berry and flax mix - I made it up last night so the flax mix had gone all thick and gooey!

I had a Starbuck's skimmed, triple shot, sugar free hazelnut latte sprinkled with cinnamon - my second favourite Starbuck's option!

Lunch was a new thing to me, I made it last night and was so excited about! It did not disappoint! I'm pretty excited that there are still another 2 portions of it left!

I roasted some veggies - sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, courgette, red onion, asparagus and garlic with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, chilli and thyme

And cooked up some quinoa

I've never made it before and only tried it once previously in a fruity shop bough salad from Marks & Spencer's, I love the shop bought salad but was convinced mine was going to be gross, it seemed so stodgy and looked so pale and bland - I had to text Ivana, for advice and she suggested fluffing with a fork and assured me that it would taste good the next day after absorbing some flavour from the veggies - she also gave me the idea for the whole meal - I wanted to use the quinoa but I really didn't know what to do with it, I've been finding salads or soups not quite satisfying enough for lunch and sandwiches tend to be a bit too heavy and leave me sleepy all afternoon so I thought it was time to try some salads with grains to keep me fuller for longer.

Once the veggies and quinoa were cooked I mixed them up and left in the fridge overnight.

I also added some chicken in the morning but the veg tasted so good I didn't want to risk ruining or changing it and just ate the chicken off the top first!
If you haven't tried quinoa - go make this! If you like veg you'll love it!

After the most satisfying lunch I've had in a very long time I didn't really feel the need for a snack but knew I'd get hungry before dinner and I didn't want to risk pigging out on junk when I got home I had 4 little greengages and a green tea with pear

Then there was dinner. Oh. My. God. I actually shouted when I took my first bite of the pork it was just so damn good! I chopped the middle out of a pork chop for my portion and used  whole, huge, chop for my boyfriend. Marinated then in soy sauce, fresh chopped ginger, fresh lime, honey and tahini

This was a Weight Watchers recipe - that the magazine you can see in the right of the photo.

I chopped some spring onion, washed pack choi and spiralised some carrot

And was left with this!

Which has been saved for dipping in a sweet potato and harissa dip!

Fried the pork

Cooked some noodles and stir fried the veggies with sesame seeds, chilli and garlic salt

Then piled it up on my plate and quickly poured into my belly! :D I was very happy!

Boyfriend's Man Portion!

Can you tell which was my favourite part?

(I save the best bits until last by the way!)



  1. What a healthy weekend! I have had an extremely unhealthy weekend and I'm feeling rather guilty but you inspire me! x

  2. love the sound of your brekkie yumm also i think if your body telling you to hav somthin have it an whe you think about it its only 1 day out of 7 thats the way i think now got to have some treats or life would be boring xx

  3. Your brekkie sounds delightful and very retro 1970's(love the 70's, 50's 60's:)!

  4. Thanks hotchoc! Don't feel guilty, like anonymous says, it's only a day (or two, or three, sometimes more...)

    Cosmic my retro breakfast was delightful! I'll be repeating that one!

  5. Ooh, roasted and veggies and quinoa looks yummy. I tend to eat quite well on the weekends but I think that's because I always seem to be doing stuff, even if it's boring things like going to the tip! During the week at work I have to walk past the vending maching one too many times. Sometimes boredom makes me want to give in and insert my pennies in exchange for a tasty treat!

  6. I love A's 'food not touching other food' plate! :D

    Your retro brekkie does really look sooo good!

    Glad you liked the quinoa and veggies xx


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