Sunday, 19 September 2010

Before I start rambling on about food I'd just like to quickly say thanks for all your comments around my Weight Watchers weigh in, I figured it's prob a bit late to reply to comments now but I do want to reply to this one from Alison at Running From Running To:

Surely it's weeks like these that it's most important to go? Then you get the accountability and the support from the group.

I was temped to not bother going to the meeting, not because I was worried about the weigh in, but because I knew I definitely hadn't lost anything so felt like there was no point. But what Alison said is absolutely spot on - that is the reason I joined Weight Watchers - I can count calories or points by myself, it's the accountability and support that I'm going to the meeting for. Talking about it with like-minded people helps keep me motivated and knowing that I have that meeting makes me think twice about how much I want a piece of cake or pack of crisps - but I also know no one is going to judge me if I decide I do want to indulge every now and again. We're all there for the same reasons and it's good to be reminded of that!

Now I could pretend that after my meeting I was highly motivated and ate like a saint all weekend, but truth is I did my usual and ate a lot of junk food! I didn't bother photographing the junk but here are the best bits!

This is where it went wrong - a sugar-filled breakfast on Saturday of three mini delicious flapjacks from my Graze box, they didn't keep me full for long so I had the little focaccia bread that was also in the Graze box too.

We went for a walk into town to get a Birthday present for my Dad and on the way home I had a tripple berry vitamin water to hold back the hunger (all those calories in the flapjacks and focaccia seemed like a waste at this point
Lunch was great! Chorizo fritatta with mange tout and pepper with a little bit of leftover quinoa salad, so satisfying! Followed by another milky coffee to keep me warm whilst lying on the sofa for Lost-fest. We bought series 5 as we haven't yet seen the last two series since we didn't have Sky and regular TV don't look as though they're going to show it now. Annoyingly for him him boyfriend already knows how it all ends but I'm still trying to avoid finding out before I see it.

I made dinner around 11am, we had some beef that needed using up so I very loosely followed a beef Goulash recipe, but I was missing most of the ingredients so made a lot of substitutions! I browned the beef in olive oil with some flour, cayenne pepper, tandoori masala and some beef stock then added the slow cooker along with some onion, carrot, sweet potato and a tin of chopped tomtatoes, then left cooking until 6pm. I served with a dollop of full fat Total Greek yogurt. It was amazing!! The beef was so soft and the sauce was so creamy! The sweet potato had almost disintegrated into the sauce, yum! I'll be making this again, might even try paprika and do it properly!

We ate it with a baguette to soak up the liquid, I was stuffed but it was so good I could've eaten it again!

So far so good, not the best breakfast but also not the worst and all my meals fit within my Weight Watchers points allowance. But then we settled down on the sofa for more TV (we had decided to make it a lazy weekend!) I had a bowl of full fat Greek yogurt with peanut butter and jam mixed in, a pack of chocolate buttons, a handful of Haribo and half a measure of Baileys (it was all that was left in the bottle!)

Today I just had lots of coffee's instead of breakfast and for lunch I made a super thick smoothie in a bowl with a Tropical flavoured Spiru-tein shake, rice milk, guar gum and xanthan gum and topped with dried mango and brazil nuts. The smoothie was lovely! Not as tangy as I'd expect for a tropical flavour shake but would definitely make a nice, versatile smoothie base. The colour was a bit scary though, it was quite luminous in real life!

I'm still loving the gums! Takers smoothies to a whole new level! :D

I snacked on a 9 Bar and then had a fry up for dinner - bacon, sausages, egg, beans and fried bread - there was no chance of me hanging around long enough to take a photo of that! I've also just had another one of the Nakd bars which to be honest I don't think I'm that keen on! I know another blogger has tried the same one and really liked it so I'm going to wait until I've tried the second one before I make up my mind, it could just have been the fry up taste still in my mouth, but I think there might just be an ingredient I'm not keen on. The sample bars don't have the proper packaging so I don't know what the ingredients are yet.

Is anyone else like me with sugary foods? I really struggle to just have one, it sends me off on mad cravings for more! I usually treat myself to something at the end of the week which sends me crazy over the weekend. I don't want to cut out all sweet treats so I really need to learn to control myself a bit better. I'm especially bad if I have a drink, I don't even need to be drunk but after a few drinks I just don't care about food and will eat anything! I think I forgot to post but on Thursday after our night out I had a real craving for Chinese food so stopped in at the takeaway from some crispy salt & pepper chicken on the way home - as I expected it wasn't even that good - complete waste of calories!

. Stella


  1. Think of the fruit-eating gorilla and how big, healthy and strong he is! There's a abundance of delicious Seasonal fresh produce / harvest:
    apples, pears, blackberries all yummy and fuel our bodies are naturally designed to eat. It makes me angry that a so called now American brand of health chain can promote so much process ****.

    Get back to nature, Stella and plant apple trees I say!

  2. Whoa - Graze boxes sound dangerous! I think if breakfast gets off to a bad start, then the rest of the day is already on shaky legs. I need to build momentum with the healthy eating thing.. If weekends are always problematic though then maybe talk about it at your next meeting? I'm sure you'll find your groove again soon - just a case of feeling around for it a bit :)

  3. I'm exactly the same with sugary foods, thats why I think I tend to do better on less carbs and more protein. A bit of sugar can send me off into a big binge if I'm not careful. I love the HEAB style protein ice cream too, in fact I'm hooked on it at the moment! I have only been able to find the xanthan gum, were did you get your guar gum?

  4. I so am! I can never stop at one its all or nothing not good, smoothies looking good pretty lady x x

  5. hiya i think the more you tell yourself you cant have somethin the more you want it so everyday just have a little something that way you wont get to the point of craving it so much you go over board.also if you look on the naked web site it gives you the list of ingredients i love them not keen on the coco orange one though xx

  6. Cosmic I'm not sure I understand your message - sorry, it's been a tiring day!
    I'm not a fan of processed foods myself and prefer to stick to natural but it's a long process getting my body to switch over and stop craving the junk foods, but it gets less and less :)

    Alison, they are dangerous, I'm going to cancel since I bought a big haul of goodies to make my own - and I didn't get anything dangerous! Good idea about mentioning it at WW.

    Laura, I just ordered some guar gum from ebay, was only a couple of pounds.

    Tam, I'm getting back into a bit of a smoothie addiction! Went so long without and forgot how good they can be!

    Lauraa I can't believe you don't like the cocoa orange! It's my favorite! The new flavours are gorgeous but still can't beat the cocoa orange for me! I agree with you about wanting things more when you tell yourself you can't have it.

  7. Hi Stella!

    Love your blog! I'm from the UK too and I'd LOVE to know where you get guar gum from as I've searched high and low for the stuff! I've got xanthan gum but would love some guar too to thicken up my smoothies.

    Thanks so much!


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