Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Good Start

This week has got off to a good start and I'm feeling really motivated - I'll be honest though, I have been eating too much, but I have kept it healthy. I've just been so hungry so I'm going with it for now. I've logged everything I have eaten and I'm going to make that my main focus this week. I know a lot of people don't agree with counting calories or points but to get this last bit of weight off and keep it off it's what I have to do. Hopefully I eventually wont have to, but for now I do.

I had a cheeky weigh in this morning and have lost the 2lb gain, but I'll wait and see what happens at the official weigh in on Thursday evening.

I have had yogurt with dried fruit and maple syrup for jam for breakfast today and yesterday, snacked on satsuma's and milky coffee in the mornings. Lunch yesterday was an attempt at a home made wrap filled with humus and raw carrot, mange tout and mushroom. It was pretty good but the wrap was a bit thick and rubbery so I'll use less of the mixture next time.

I never knew how good raw mushrooms tasted! Think I prefer them raw to cooked. My mum will probably fall off her chair when she reads that, until a couple of years ago I hated mushrooms, I physically couldn't eat them without retching and feeling as though I was actually being sick, now I'm willingly eating and enjoying them raw!

Dinner yesterday was a carbonara but I didn't photograph it since I messed it up and it didn't look nice and wasn't warm enough for me to hang about! Tonight I made a HEAB inspired dinner - fried some bacon, added some veggies and cooked in the bacon fat then added two eggs and kind of scrambled them in. I added a Pad Thai sauce.

My boyfriend had his with noodles, I just had a larger serving of veggies. It was delicious! I wasn't sure about it while cooking as it did look a bit.... disgusting at one point! But no, I think I have great dinner here! Took a few minutes to cook and using ingredients I'll almost always have in the fridge so will make a good last minute meal.

And since I don't really have anything interesting to say I'm off to make my lunch for tomorrow - fruity quinoa salad! Have you tried quinoa? Did you like it? How do you eat yours? I'm loving quiona!



  1. Ooh quinoa, I love it! In fact it's on the menu for dinner tomrrow night!

  2. Only had quinoa in breakfast cereal, looking forward to hearing about the salad.

  3. Ive only had quinoa once and didnt really like it. I should give it another go!
    I like wraps. It's a good alternative to rolls or bread for lunch.

  4. Love quinoa! It's lovely all dressed up with cherry tomatoes, flat-leaf parsley, chives, fresh basil in a simple olive oil, fresh garlic and lemon juice dressing:)

  5. Quinoa is my favorite grain especially as it contains all 9 amino acids! Its so versatile too not to mention delicious, I always feel so healthy when eating it! x x

  6. I love quinoa too, my favourite grain and with it being higher in protein it doesn't send me off into a carb binge!

  7. If you feel like you've been eating loads but have still lost weight then it just goes to show that hunger can be trusted sometimes :)

    I used quinoa as a rice or couscous substitute - so on the side with tofu / stir fry etc, or as a cold salad (which is what I think you're talking about?). I love the taste, and it's so good for you!


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