Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Weight Watchers Update

Week one went well actually. I didn't manage to stick to my points allowance and was over every day, even with exercise! But I still lost 2.5lbs at the weekly meeting weigh in! At first I thought it was probably down to just eating better for that week but actually I do need to give my self some credit as I wasn't eating particularly bad or unhealthily the previous week.

That was the Thursday (Sept. 2nd so 2 weeks ago) and after the meeting I went out to a pub quiz without any dinner - just some Total Greek yogurt with honey and flax.I had 4 large glasses of wine and woke up on Friday with the worst hangover! Well, actually I woke up still drunk but it quickly developed into and awful hangover! All I wanted to eat was crisps and sandwiches, and since I couldn't face anything else I had crisp sandwiches!

That weekend was spent in Glasgow doing something exciting that I don't want to say too much about in case I jinx it! We spent some time with my little sisters, had a night out with some friends and went to a gig so it kind of felt like a little holiday and I ate like I was on holiday, but also walked for miles and miles and miles, and kicked everyone's butt's in a couple of games of bowling!
Emily was enjoying a fart app on my iphone!

As I said in yesterday's post, most of the food I ate during the week following our weekend away was quick and ugly and not the healthiest. I also skipped the gym and did no exercise!
I missed my 3rd Weight Watchers meeting because I had a long work meeting thing followed by a BBQ and free bar. Even if I hadn't stayed on for the food and drink I would have missed the meeting anyway so definitely don't feel bad about missing it! Fortunately I was hangover free on Friday, I didn't want to drink too much with having to get up before 6am the following morning for work! And as if I hadn't over-indulged enough already, my boss took the six of us out for a 3 course lunch on Friday :D It was very nice! I had pâté with toast and some sort of jam type substance and a really yummy little side salad actually - normally I don't eat the sad little undressed salads that come with meals as they tend to be pretty rubbish. Main course was a salmon burger with sweetcorn relish and for desert I had a toffee cheesecake - which I dissected! There was far too much cheesy filling so I had to chop off a layer with topping, remove the bit in the middle and put the top back on :D (I say I had to but really I could have left it and ate my cheesecake like a normal person)

Gosh now I'm writing it all down I'm struggling to believe the amount of food I managed to pack away lately! I can quite remember what I ate when over the weekend but know there were sweeties and chocolate involved when we went to the cinema - The Expendables - so bloody boring! I fell asleep about 45 mins in and we left after an hour. It really was dire.
I also ate this monstrosity at some point - it looks atrocious (because it was!) but it was so bad I just had to get some photographic evidence.

This is Carbonara but with pasta shells and chicken tikka! The girl who gave me the Carbonara recipe would actually kill me if she saw how I butchered it! We didn't have a lot of food in the house that day so it was the best we could do - it was actually really tasty though!

Sunday I met my friend Fiona and we headed to Giraffe for lunch (2 courses!) For my main I had a duck fajita burito which was really good but came on a bed of coriander laced rice - I HATE coriander! Desert was a disappointing and pretty dry brownie with ice cream and not enough chocolate sauce! But I did finish off my meal with a lovely cup of Teapigs which helped make up for the sad desert.

OK so you've had the blurb, here's some random foody photos!

I've been getting back into the juicing habit with the help of some nice crunchy green apples, old carrots and a box of strawberries

This is what came out the other side of the juicer

I'm always impressed with how dry the waste is, though I really must see if I can find a use for it, I don't know if there's enough left in it for using it in baking or anything.

Obviously I've had a lot of coffee too!

And lastly, I mentioned in a previous post that I had tried the chocolate Spiru-Tein and been rather un-impressed with the flavour and chalkiness. I have since tried a couple more flavours - Strawberry & Banana and Cookies & Cream. Both were lovely!! Strawberry & Banana is a potential winner but I still have more to try. Cookies & Cream really was good but still had a bit too much of a chalky texture to it. I'm definitely glad I didn't go ahead and buy a big tub of one flavour first.

That's quite enough rambling for now anyway, I've got some Footballer Wives waitning for me to watching on my Sky Planner (love a bit of trash TV!)



  1. Well done on your weight lost go you! I don't think I did write that recipe down so shall experiment and get back to ya x x

  2. Woaw, I love your take away cup/glass. Where did you get it from?
    Now Ive got a brand new blender, I'll have to try this juice...looks yummy ;)

  3. Aw thanks Tam! I think you need a whole smoothie page - I always think they look amazing!

    Helene, it's from Starbucks! I love it! And it's kinds purple, my favourite!

  4. Stella! I lost you for a while. Did you switch server or some other computer type thing that I don't understand? I don't know, but my blogroll wasn't updating..

    Anyway, am going to have to go back through old posts and find out about this WW business! I'm also going to have to dig out my juicer, as yours look amazing :)

  5. How cute is Emily(suits her name:)!


  6. Congrats on the losdd, despite a few indulgences!


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