Sunday, 17 October 2010

Long Weekend

Evening blogland! Hope everyone has had a good weekend? This one has felt surprisingly long, which is nice! Still wish it were longer though, there's just so much I want to do and so little time, but I did manage to get a good bit of studying done which I feel pretty good about. I'm not convinced I'll pass this exam first time round, it's pretty tough and my worst subject, and all the background knowledge I should have from university...well it was my worst subject back then so I went for the question guessing method of studying and got lucky with my choice of selective revision - if only I'd known back then that it would come in useful after the exams! I do want to be realistic and accept I may need to resit as I think it will help me not to be so afraid of failing. I'm trying to stay positive though, I have only failed one exam before - Forensic Medicine. I fainted in one of the lectures (seeing the crime scene photos and hearing the detail from the police was just so much more real than I was prepared for) and never went back, then I felt too sick to finish the exam - it was so bad I started a whole other course rather than just re-sit the exam! It's funny because before I started my Accountancy degree I had applied to do either Forensic Psychology, Criminology or Forensic Sciences, instead I stayed on for another year of school and ended up wanting to do Accountancy or Law. Probably a good thing I had a change of heart!
(incase you are wondering what Forensic Medicine has to do with Accountancy, we had one course where we could choose anything from any department - it was a fascinating course and I have no idea why I freaked!)

Anyway, that's just a little bit more about me :)

I'm still struggling a bit with eating on this crown and think I may need to go back to the dentist, it just doesn't feel right.

So not much in the way of food to share. Wasn't hungry for breakfast so had a roll with bacon, egg and brown sauce for brunch - that did not last long enough to even consider photographing!
This afternoon I made another beef goulash which should be lovely and tender for dinner tomorrow. Again, I didn't have the correct ingredients - squash instead of potato. Which resulted in a busted up peeler :( I tried microwaving the squash for a minute to soften it up but it was still really tough to peel - as you can see.

Poor guy, he looked so pleased with himself.

For dinner I was in the mood for something warm and comforting, and easy to chew! I had a flick through my Melinda Messenger cookbook and found 'My mum's sausage and bean casserole' sounded perfect! We got some lovely free range sausages (97% pork, the ones with not a lot of pork scare me a little!) and I fried up some onion with sausages, bacon, bakes beans, tomato purée, Worcestershire sauce, some mixed herbs, salt and pepper, then baked in the over for 20 minutes. To be honest, it's not the sort of meal I would have very often, but it did taste great and satisfied the criteria of warm, comforting and easy to chew! Melinda introduces the recipe with:

Mum had a particular talent for rustling up something tasty and reasonably healthy on a very tight budget... I think this recipe is a great example of making the most of the few things that were often left in the fridge or cupboard"

My version certainly wasn't cheap and I rarely buy sausages or baked beans... and I wouldn't file it next to my healthy recipes... but I enjoyed it and I think the most important part of eating, for me, is that I enjoy what I eat :)


I've also been enjoying smoothies in my Halloween cup today! I love it!

I couldn't resist playing with the lighting!

And now I'm off to watch the new Desperate Housewives and hope that this works:



  1. Awwwww you look so pretty with rollers in your hair x x

  2. I'm loving your peeler...tres cute!


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