Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Getting better...

Finally! I still feel a bit not right but my appetite and desire for food is back! Yay! I celebrated with prawns! I had a Pad Thai last night and tonight I made prawns à la Sam, which a friend recommended to another friend looking to use up some crème fraiche today and I remembered I had an open tub of full fat Total Greek yogurt in the fridge looking to be used up so thought I would jump in on the prawn action too!

I cooked up some tagliatelle while I fried garlic, spring onion and cayenne pepper in olive oil then added some prawns with lemon, salt, pepper and parsley. Drained the pasta and stirred in a few huge dollops of Greek yogurt and once that was hot stirred in the prawns and spring onions. Oh ans I made a last minute decision to throw in some chorizo too!

Great stand by meal as it's all ingredients I pretty much always have  in the kitchen and tastes amazing!

Other than that, I have been eating lots more Greek yogurt with fruit and granola and lots of porridge with dates and dried apricot. I'm starting to crave vegetables now! 

Last Sunday I posted up some of my aims for the following week, needless to say with the way I was feeling I didn't even think about them! I'm still off the gym for now so will leave that out for the rest of this week. I'm going to do a meal plan tonight for the rest of the week and I have been logging this week so just need to stay on track with that. I haven't started drinking more tea yet, but I have been drinking a lot less coffee.

I'm going to log of now and get meal planning and attempt to curl my hair again - I'm determined to make the curls stay in!

Does anyone else have hair that just refuses to do what you want it to? I curl it and it ends up straight, I straighten it and it goes all wavy... very annoying!

. Stella


  1. Glad your feeling better, love the new blog look x x

  2. Happy to see you're feeling better :o)

    That prawn recipe looks really nice; right up my street, I so love spicyish prawns with chorizo in a quick and easy bowl. Yum!


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