Saturday, 30 October 2010


Should have posted this yesterday but had battery issues.

I am now officially on holiday! I flew into Belfast with my fried Lori yesterday, on the quickest flight of my life! It was only about 15 minutes! We weren't fully up in the air for long enough for them to even turn off the seatbelt lights. We arrived to glorious rain! And spent the evening chilling at Jill's place. Few glasses of pear cider were drank, plenty of nibbles were eaten and I made us a butternut squash risotto for dinner - I was cooking vegan for Lori but in the end decided to se two pans and throw some chorizo into one, it was just too tempting.

I don't plan to blog much while I'm away but I'll see how it goes. I'm home on Wednesday but will probably spend the day catching up on sleep!
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

-Stella Does Healthy Eating-

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