Monday, 25 October 2010

Keep Calm and do Yoga

I ended up using yoga at the gym tonight to pose away the work stresses - worked fantastically and I only thought bout work once during class when I thought "oh I haven't thought about work for ages now" and then immediately forgot about it again. It was such a lovely feeling coming out of class all calm and stretched and loose and relaxed. Then I got to the gym exit where there is a little metal button you push to get out, got a shock of it, swore and promptly lost all sense of calm!

This is just a super quick post as my boyfriend is just getting in and has bought something for dinner - I have been instructed to put the oven on but that's all I know - it's going to be pizza isn't it?

Do you do or have you tried yoga? I've done a little bit now and again in the past but never gone to classes before - this was my second one and I hope I can get in quick enough with the booking system to make it regular. It's a really good workout - although it's calm and relaxing it's tough and sweaty and I usually end up with sore muscles afterwards which I never expected from yoga!



  1. I've only been doing a proper yoga class for three weeks and already its made a massive difference to me, I practice deep breathing before going to bed and it helps me sleep better, just love it for destressing!

  2. I love yoga and haven't been for ages which is bad it really helps my back, I definitely need to get back to it x x


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