Thursday, 7 October 2010

My name is Stella and I’m addicted to coffee

This is my first post using Live Writer so I’m keeping everything crossed that it turns out OK! I’m not quite sure about image sizes and positioning yet!

I had a moment of excitement over the weekend (still catching up!) when I found some Bear Granola Nibbles in Peckham's, they are normally hard to find up here in Aberdeen! I’m particularly looking forward to trying the Cocoa Cherry Pie!
I also stopped by the international market for some gorgeous flavoured coffee’s. I got Coconut Creme, Chocolate Truffle, Maple Walnut and Christmas Special – have tried them all and they are fantastic! I wish I’d bought more now, there was a 10 bags for £18 deal. The international market comes every 3 months so I’ll be stocking up next time. Though If I can’t wait they do have a website here. Often i find flavoured coffee can be pretty disappointing and not really taste of much, or the coffee the use isn’t very nice but this stuff has neither of those issues.

And I got a couple of packs of vanilla Munchy Seeds pumpkin seeds – love these! Sadly haven’t seen then in the large tubs so I’m savouring these little packs.
And I got a little treat too – Reece’s Pieces! Fortunately I haven’t seen these in large packs as that would be very dangerous!
I really shouldn’t be buying any more foody things through as I already have an over-flowing cupboard so ‘stella food’ to work my way through

Hoarder much??
Onto actually eating food then… I don’t have much to post really as my appetite is still a little all over the place so here are the ones that were worthy of photos:
Breakfast sundae!


Total Greek yogurt mixed with lingonberry jam on the bottom and in the middle, plain Greek yogurt on top, layered with strawberries and granola and topped with fresh figs plus vanilla pumpkin seeds.
Butternut squash, red onion and tomato tart
Fresh figs topped with 0% Greek yogurt, thinned with a little semi skimmed milk, topped with honey and oats – really loving fresh figs right now!

And I’m going to leave it there because Live Writer seems to be making this whole experience unnecessarily stressful! I do hate Microsoft! And I just had to back and edit the whole post as only two of the pics were showing - Live Writer FAIL!

Has anyone else using Blogger found the search function isn’t working so well? Sometimes it’s fine but mostly when I search for thing I know I have posted about it comes up with nothing or several posts where I have mentioned the thing I’m searching for are missing from the search results. Like Naks bars for example, only 4 posts come up in a search but I know I have eaten way more than four bars and therefore the word Nakd should appear in more than 4 posts!


  1. I love Live Writer and never blog without it! It's a bit tricky at first and I'm still learning as I go, but I do like using it. So much easier than Wordpress.

    I've yet to try the Bear granola but will be keeping my eyes peeled for them!

  2. hehe, I have a 'Becky food cupboard'. The door doesn't really shut properly, it's so full!

  3. I am also addicted to coffee! Though not really flavoured ones. You can keep those ;-)

    That tart looks amazing!

  4. Oooooooo I love bear granola, tropical is my fav! I don't even know how the google reader works?! x x

  5. I always blog with Live Writer and I also have a Helene food, bowl and boxes cupboard...we're all the same ;)

  6. I also love live writer instead of blogger! Thanks for the link to that coffee, I will be buying some, especially if they have a good depth of flavour. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a cupboard like that, however I don't just have one cupboard but a full stand alone until full of foodie bits and pieces, and don't get me started on the freezer! Love the new look x

  7. love the new site xxxx

  8. I am a new follower because of Laura above - hello! Your blog looks great, I love healthy eating and tasty foods, I have just made an order for some of that coffee xx


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