Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Straight, straight, straight

My hair that is, I went from this

To this

This this

And then 2 hours later it was completely straight again :( So, I have learned that I can have curl hair for the first two hours of a night out if I wash my hair 3 days in advance and fill it with curling cream and hair spray then spend 20 minutes putting hot rollers in and leave them in for 1-2 hours. I think I have to accept that my hair is straight!

Other than playing with my hair, changing the look of my blog (again) and studying I haven't really been doing a lot. I did meet with a friend last night to discuss gym plans, we're going to start going to a couple of classes together - starting with yoga on Monday and hopefully spinning on Tuesday. I decided I really need get my arse in gear and start lifting weights again. I'm about the same weight as I was last time I took photos/measurements but my hips and legs are much bigger than when I was lifting weights.
I also finally made my meal plan

All are recipes from new book - what better way to get plenty of variety then spend a week eating things I've never cooked before?

Today and yesterday I had my final ( :( ) pot of 0% Total Greek yogurt for breakfast with blueberries, oats and ground cocoa, berries and flax

And for lunch I have been eating cous cous with squash, carrot, red onion and cinnamon

I have been making use of the free fruit at work for snacks (apples, satsumas and bananas) and Nakd bars. Still haven't been drinking more tea and I thought I was down to just 1 cup of coffee a day but have just remembered I've been to Starbucks the last two days for  triple shot grande almond latte's and over the weekend I made several trips to Costa for roasted hazelnut latte's - which by the way are amazing! Much better than the regular hazelnut which I was surprised by.

Dinner tonight was a use up what's left in the fridge meal so bacon, sausages and a fried egg - yum!
Last night I had the beef "goulash" I made in the slow cooker on Sunday, with a big dollop from my last tub of full fat Greek yogurt - I don't know how I'll cope without a supply of this stuff! I'm going to have to start having something different for breakfasts I think!

Now I'm going to study watch some TV with a cup of redbush tea and a couple of squars of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt

Tomorrow I'll be posting about Just Dance 2 for the Wii, I received a copy yesterday but the time has just flown by this evening and I didn't get a chance to try it out. My boyfriend will be home tomorrow so I can get him to have a go as well!



  1. Oh, I like your hair! Your blog looks cool. Really like the header but prefered the dots on the side :(
    Sea salt chocolate...how can you only eat a couple of squares???? once I start, I almost eat the whole tablet. Ive decided not to buy it for a long while!

  2. I love Just Dance, I am hoping to get Just Dance 2 for my birthday or Xmas! I can't even put the rollers in my hair on my own Stella, let alone have curls.

  3. I like the look of your blog and the header is really cute!

  4. I also introduce variety by picking new recipes. It's exciting too :D

    ps - I also liked the black dots, they were really cool :)

  5. Thanks guys! I did like the dots but it was too 'messy' for me, I prefer a bit more subdued, though I do have some day-glo text now which is less than ideal!

    C, I was amazed I managed to put rollers in by myself - even at the back! I'm normally hopeless at co-ordination!

  6. Ooooooooo you look so pretty and tiny love it x x


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