Saturday, 16 October 2010

Today's Menu

Well, technically it's yesterdays but my internet was down so I couldn't post!

Lots of coffee with full fat milk, hot chocolate, smoothies, chocolate mousse and soup. This would be an example of not eating healthily I know, but it is an example of someone who had a sore tooth on either side of her mouth :(
I had to have two crowns - on one side the crown was fitted yesterday so my gum was pretty tender and my teeth don't quite line up as the tooth with the crown had to be drilled down to fit the crown, but it takes two weeks to make the crown which means the tooth on top had time to shift position slightly, it should shift back in line soon enough. On the other side I had the tooth drilled down in preparation so I had an achey jaw and very sore gum. But that side is fine today so normal eating can (hopefully!) resume!
I don't know about anyone else but I also get anaesthetic blues and tend to feel quite down and miserable after the dentist so I spent the morning watching Desperate Housewives and reading Company magazine to help cheer me up - then I spent the afternoon studying ethics to balance out the trashy TV and gossipy mag! Speaking of Company magazine, if you haven't' already you can check out my article HERE

I'm heading off for a wander round the shops, a roasted hazelnut latte from Costa and a movie with my boyfriend. The rest of the weekend will be a bit of relaxing and a bit of studying. What have you got planned for the weekend?



  1. Yummy! Hope you've had a good day x x

  2. Yummy Eats! I love Sainsbury's Strawberry and Banana smoothie!


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